Backpack-bags name & number


Practical and beautiful backpacks-bags

The fast rhythm of life dictates its own rules in all areas, including fashion. Now people are more likely to choose comfortable clothes and accessories that will allow them to quickly cope with planned matters, play sports and find time to rest. Backpacks-bags from the PrintSalon catalog will help you to do everything on time and feel comfortable on the way to training, on a hike, in transport. They will fit not only a wallet, telephone and notepad, but also changeable shoes, a clean T-shirt, a travel mug, a sandwich, and even a few textbooks.

Practical and reliable backpack-bags by PrintSalon are made of dense gabardine, practically not felt on the back, do not tear, wash well and dry quickly. They are attached by durable strings and easy to use. But the main advantage of backpacks-bags from the assortment of the online store are original pictures on various topics.

For a small price, each customer can buy an accessory with a print according to his taste: animal, nature, zodiac sign, city name, patriotic symbol and much more.

You can choose and order a stylish backpack for yourself or as a gift at any time of the day without leaving your home. The models presented in the catalog are available, thanks to which the packages are formed quickly and sent to all corners of Poland every day.

Stylish backpacks with a name and number

The PrintSalon website attracts lovers of stylish clothes and practical accessories, because our designers only decorate products with unique prints. For printing on children's, men's, women's T-shirts, hoodies, trousers, baseball caps, mugs, bags and more, specialists have prepared many images that you will not find anywhere else.

Pictures and inscriptions not only decorate the products, but also help people to express themselves, tell about their interests, feelings, dreams. Nothing will emphasize individuality more than a name and a number that is important to you. Backpacks-bags can be printed with a number symbolizing the day, month or year of birth, the number of goals scored at football matches, the year of university studies or the date of the wedding. The accessories with the names of famous musicians, the names of athletes, politicians, actors, and the numbers of the players in the team look original. Such backpacks are perfect as a gift for a birthday, anniversary of friendship or a romantic relationship.

Creative people can order goods with their own print. Specialists will print any image or inscription if you create a layout of items in the "Create your design" application.

Advantages of purchasing in the PrintSalon online store:

  • round-the-clock access to the website;
  • large selection of products and prints;
  • implementation of your own idea;
  • ecological materials;
  • affordable prices, discounts when ordering two or more copies;
  • free delivery of goods for over 150 PLN on condition of 100% prepayment.

Choose other new products with the number and name for the backpack-bag and create a stylish set for yourself. Place an order and you will be able to receive your package in just a few days.