Baby Bodysuits

Baby’s body - comfortable and practical clothes for kids. The online store PrintSalon presents bright and stylish products with prints for every taste. Made from a two-layer fabric (inside - cotton, outside - polyester), they are absolutely comfortable and safe for children. Thermal transfer method of printing is used for drawing pictures and inscriptions and certified environmentally friendly varieties of consumables are used. Original printed bodie - the joy of children and their parents!


Baby bodysuits - convenience for both children and moms

All parents want their children to grow up beautiful and healthy. Sustainable diet and proper care contribute to this. More attention is given to the choice of clothing. these young mothers completely abandoned the use of vests and diapers, replacing them with fashionable children's bodysuits. The practicality and convenience of these things made it very easy for parents to change clothes for children. Now, to change the diaper, simply unclip the detachable wedge, which can easily be done with one hand. Due to their constructional features, children's bodies will not wrap around and will not wrinkle like vests. There are no wrinkles that can lead to abrasions on the child's delicate skin.
Such clothes are made of a soft fabric that stretches well. She covers the small body from the arms to the legs. There are many models with different fixing options, but the buttons are considered the most convenient to use. Beautiful and high quality baby clothes made of knitwear for newborns will be welcomed by parents. You can make this gift more effective and original, using only the services of the PrintSalon online store. You can place an order for a personalized cool baby body, as well as shirts, hats and many other things that will be decorated with different pictures.

Printed pictures and inscriptions on children's clothes

The page collection contains the most original and popular images among buyers to print things for children. In addition to the proposed options, you can order products with an exclusive design. For these purposes, the «Custom design» section has been created.The basis of this printing will be your sketches, which must be sent to the site.

To use prints, we use modern high-tech equipment. You do not have to worry - all materials used in this process do not cause any health damage. Performance characteristics of printed products do not deteriorate, and the care of them does not become more complicated. Thanks to a few simple recommendations such clothes, even black ones, easily withstand repeated washing. In this case, the images used do not burn out, do not exfoliate and do not crack.

Perfect conditions for online shopping

To buy any product on the PrintSalon website is very simple. Orders are processed as quickly as possible and delivered by post. The offices of these companies are located throughout Poland, and the costs of services are very democratic. There is also the possibility of sending a courier parcel directly to your home, at an agreed early date.
One of the payment options is cash on delivery after receiving the parcel. This method allows to make sure that the order is made qualitatively, and the images used correspond to the selected sketches.
Online sales in our online store are carried out with respect for all consumer rights. Goods for which you have a valid claim, will be replaced or you will receive money for it. During the promotion you will be able to buy products with designs at even more favorable prices. We hope that you will appreciate all the advantages of working with the PrintSalon online store and you will become our regular customer.