Men's trunks

Boxers with original prints - a fashionable version of modern men's underwear. The products presented in the catalog of the online store PrintSalon are made of 100% cotton and decorated with original prints of various kinds: pictures, inscriptions, patterns, symbols, etc. - there is a decor for every taste. Such boxers can be an excellent gift option for guys and men of all ages!


Men's trunks with prints - a popular cool gift

Give each other underwear can people who are associated with a close relationship. This stereotype existed only very recently, before the advent of modern equipment for thermal printing. Today, men's trunks with prints, as a gift, are not inferior in popularity to T-shirts, sweaters, pants and cap-trakers. As a decoration, funny drawings or inscriptions are most often used. They can be playful or intimate. original products with uncommon prints will be a wonderful additional gift even on New Year's Day, not to mention more modest holidays and celebrations.

The thermal transfer images do not degrade the consumer characteristics of things and do not complicate their care. The materials used are absolutely harmless to health. The fabric used for sewing boxer shorts is stretch, 95% consists of pure cotton. A 5% additive of elastane improves the elasticity of the laundry. If you have a need or desire to purchase men's trunks with prints or other original products in Poland, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the assortment of the online store PrintSalon.

Variants of the selection of decorative elements

Our company specializes in applying images to fabrics and other materials. The topical collections of the site contain the most popular drawings and inscriptions today. The buyer can choose one of these images or order trunks with his print - decorated with an exclusive author's drawing. To make your own design ideas come true, a section called «Custom design» was created. Our experts will bring the sketches you provided to perfection and offer for consideration several possible options for decor elements.

The application will be completed on time and with impeccable quality

Completion of the application and delivery to the consumer of the order for trunks with print across the country takes very little time. You can receive the parcel with the goods in the nearest post office to your home or work place. There is also a variant of address courier delivery. An additional guarantee of obtaining quality products is the ability to pay for orders by cash on delivery. In this case, the buyer can open the parcel, make sure of the quality of the goods and only then pay it to the supplier.

During the sale of shares, a large number of goods from the catalog, including original panties, are sold at discounted prices. You can combine your order with the orders of your friends by filling out a collective application. So save money on buying and delivery. The cost of wholesale orders and collective applications is calculated using a differentiated system of discounts.

Take advantage of our services and will be able to appreciate all the benefits of online shopping in the online store PrintSalon!