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Watermelonson prints on clothes and accessories are a fashion trend of recent seasons. Ripe berry looks delicious and creative. Choose stylish clothes with a popular print in the form of a slice of watermelon and with funny inscriptions. Printing of such creative images is successfully done by PrintSalon. The site of the online store always has the most sought-after products with original images of fruits for men, women and children.


Fruits on a T-shirt - we're bringing summer closer!

Many people ask: what to wear to look stylish and interesting? They go to courses, read fashion blogs, collect useful tips. They browse stores and markets for cool things, spend a lot of money shopping online. And all this to come up with a new picture, find interesting combinations, keep winning clothing options for an important meeting and the best party of the season.

Clothing in which every day is like a holiday

Look stunning, please everyone without exception. There is no point in reducing your age or gender. That's why the PrintSalon online store offers a universal recipe for a cool picture:

  • choose T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and other items in the store's catalog;
  • place an order for printing a juicy fruit print;
  • a few days later a new cool picture will be delivered to the address.

Today, the hit of the season is sweet watermelon with a sugar core. Printing specialists will make any fruit print from the catalog for you. You can choose the base color from those indicated on the page, order any available size and style. It depends on you where the fashionable food will be: on a sports T-shirt or summer tank top. Designers today offer to combine as many contradictory things as possible. Therefore, especially stylish fruits and vegetables will look like a warmed hoodie.

PrintSalon clothing ideally suits casual wardrobe. Sweatshirts and hoodies will match jeans, short chinos, skirts and even dresses. T-shirt, as universal clothing, will become indispensable in any team, and excellent quality products will give you the opportunity to wear as long as you want.

Why customers choose PrintSalon

If you are used to buying clothes in stores where it is convenient to try them on and touch, then reorganizing online shopping will take some time. The question arises how to make sure that you have chosen the right online store and the package will contain exactly the item you paid for.

There are 5 reasons why you can trust our company:

  • experience. For many years, PrintSalon has been creating original things with prints, helping people look special, expressing their "me" through their own images on clothes. We follow innovations in this field,and work only on proven equipment and we appreciate our reputation;
  • customers opinion. The number of our fans is increasing day by day, and the geography of shipments covers the entire territory of Poland;
  • individual approach. We strive to give you exactly what you want. The extensive catalog contains thousands of photos for every taste. If you want, you can come up with a plot for printing. Submit your materials using the application "Create your design", participate in the development of the layout and receive original items at the best possible price;
  • customer first of all. This principle underlies the work of the PrintSalon team. Consultants are ready to help at any time, quickly and specifically answer. They will help in making payments, ordering delivery, buying gifts for friends and relatives;
  • a wide range of unique things. In addition to clothes for men, women and children for all seasons and occasions, we offer souvenirs and accessories with cool photos. A mug with a watermelon particle or a sticker to decorate in the summer kitchen will appeal to girls, and for men you can choose hats with a picture of food.

Order new items with prints about fruits and vegetables in the PrintSalon online store. This is modern shopping with a long tradition.