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Banana is a fashionable trend as a print on T-shirts, mugs, baseball caps and other goods. PrintSalon designers offer original pictures, combining them with funny inscriptions to get a more effective option for food, summer and exotic lovers. The online store presents high-quality products that use the latest types of printing on goods and reliable, certified materials.


Custom colorful print

What do we know about bananas? That these useful, nutritious fruits are very much liked by adults and children. In addition, ripe, sunny banana is not only great food, but also a great idea for a sketch to order an original and cool T-shirt. And not only for them, also for sweatshirts, hoodies, baseball caps, tank tops and lots of cool clothes from PrintSalon.

Prints of food and drinks are very popular in Poland. They are universal, suitable for both young girls and respected men, and for children to wear such clothes is convenient and useful. Vitamins and good mood - a guarantee of children's health in any weather.

The assortment is expanding every day

Let's take a closer look at what the PrintSalon online store is ready to offer its customers. For men we have:

  • hoodies made of natural fabric with a pocket on the stomach. They are very practical, warm, pleasant to the body and comfortable to wear;
  • sports sweatshirts with zip pockets. A great addition to sports pants or shorts;
  • sweatshirts with cuffs at the waist and sleeves. The men's fashion trend from recent seasons looks good both in the office and at the party;
  • T-shirts of different styles. So you can find the option that suits you. The 100% cotton from which they are made is perfectly worn, does not stretch, the collar and hem remain the same as on the first day;
  • sports T-shirts for active exercises;
  • polo with button fastening;
  • T-shirts, boxer shorts;
  • baseball caps of different styles for summer and winter.

The feminine and children's catalog has the same variety. Sportswear and casual clothes of excellent quality will become yours when you decide to complement your wardrobe with interesting things. The uniqueness of PrintSalon products - the original design. The best painters have developed their versions of paintings, so that you can decorate clothes to order.

Create your own style

Do you know that you have good taste, are interested in fashion and want to come up with a new image for yourself? We are ready to help in this matter. Let's create and design a clothes arrangement together. Present all your creative ideas and thoughts in the picture, select the desired photos and send us via the application "Create your design". Everything is available here to load an image from a phone or computer, specify a product, color, print area. Then it's a matter of technology and soon the first thing you came up with will appear.

Individual printing is performed on clothing, ceramics, headgear and other accessories available in the PrintSalon catalog. You can buy a whole collection of souvenirs or order a mug with a banana as a gift for a child. Children like to know that they have a personal utensil, like adults. They will be happy to drink compote and healthy milk from a gift. Vegetables, fruits, ripe berries - can be a decoration of any souvenir.

To make a profitable purchase, take advantage of the offer, thanks to which you can buy two items with the same print, with a discount at a very favorable price. Choose printed items and souvenirs in the PrintSalon online store!