Gifts for friends


How to properly choose gifts for friends

Christmas is a holiday that has traditionally celebrated several days in Poland. Thanks to that you can sit with your family at the Christmas table, go to church and visit godparents with kutia and go sledding with children. It is still time to go to guests with a funny Christmas carol.

Correctly say that the Holy Evening is for the family, and all other holidays are best spent in happy group. But you will not go to guests with empty hands? We suggest to prepare lovely Christmas souvenirs for your friends in advance.

Incidentally, in informal situations it is better to choose something inexpensive, but a charming, original for those for whom this surprise is intended. At the same time it is always nice if the gift turns out to be useful, practical and will be able to serve for a long time.

The PrintSalon online store specializes in such "considered" and inexpensive gifts. With us you can advantageously buy original products for all friends, and these will be special things at the ordinary price.

Fresh ideas for Christmas presents from PrintSalon

For those who are looking for Christmas gifts, painters from PrintSalon have interesting proposals - various souvenirs decorated with original photos and subtitles.

It is an open space for creativity and experimentation. The collection of ready images in the online store catalog has thousands of options. A festive print for friends - not necessarily a picture of Santa Claus and the words "Happy Easter". Think for whom do you prepare presents for? What is your friend's most passionate about? What is your friend's dream about? What are the children playing in? Each of their interests may be the subject of an print. At the same time, the images you see on the page are just examples, and for real congratulations you can come up with your own nice sketch.

In the "Create your design" tab, create a layout: select the product you want to print on and add a congratulatory letter. So you can model original T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, backpacks, mugs, mouse pads and much more. Your presents will be a real surprise for friends. Perhaps it will be the birth of a new Christmas tradition in your company: give souvenirs with the best photos together.

Interesting ideas for gifts

We present some popular solutions that can be ordered for friends on the eve of the magical Christmas holiday:

  • stylish T-shirt with the words "best friend". You can never have to much T-shirts, so the next one is a good option for girls of all ages. Decorate it with a Christmas print, add an inscription - and the gift is ready;
  • tank top for a friend with a picture of his favorite car. For a person who is really proud of his car, it is not just a gift, but a sign that you value friendship;
  • backpack with Christmas or national symbols. The PrintSalon online store has several options for comfortable, durable backpacks and eco-bags, so specify the model, and we will make a great gift that will please your friends.

Orders are processed as quickly as possible. The delivery of finished products takes place via various postal services in all parts of Poland. There are several different ways to pay. At the same time, the site has a system of discounts and regular sales. All of this is done to maximize the convenience and benefits of the customers of the PrintSalon online store.

With PrintSalon, it's easy to choose and give gifts to friends and family for Christmas and other holidays!