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"Squadron 303" - a symbol of the heroic nation and pride of Poland

In the wardrobe of patriots, there will definitely be clothes with the inscription "Squadron 303". No wonder, because the Polish pilots became champions in shoting down enemy planes. Their merits are not forgotten even after many years: the name of the squadron and pilots' portraits are printed on many things. Have you decided to buy something interesting for themed celebration or as a gift for a friend? Go to the PrintSalon online store. Here, it is inexpensive to order a new item with an imaginary image and more.

From Polish pilots who were in Great Britain, several squadrons were created, including 303. They played a decisive role in the fight for a foreign country, especially from July to October 1940. Guys fought on the Hurricans, which literally modified in motion. The night fighter had low weapons, so the warriors had to turn off the "German" in a few seconds. There was not enough time to train the pilots, but the 303 Squadron was constantly destroying powerful enemy planes. The pilots became the example of courage and skill, and their tactics were used in other air battles.

The squadron was demolished in December 1946. On the basis of records and history of pilots, Arkady Fiedler wrote the book "Squadron 303", based on which great films were made. To feel the entire heroism of pilots, you can see the "Aftermath" of Polish director Władysław Pasikowski. Frames from the film can be used as a print and applied to any product. In our online store it is easy to order useful and irreplaceable goods with patriotic photos.

Exclusive patriotic prints from PrintSalon

PrintSalon has an elegant selection of "canvases" for historical compositions:

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And these are not all products that can be purchased from the PrintSalon online store. With the help of several products it is easy to create an amazing collection, for example from mugs or vinyl stickers, on which will be printed вщцтув enemy planes or the names of heroic pilots. At the same time, discounts for wholesale orders are offered.

The site has an elegant selection of paintings that will decorate clothes, accessories and even dishes. If you go to the "Create your design" section, you can complete them with pictures and subtitles. As a print you can use your own image or photo. Just send the selected illustration to the page, place it in the product layout and place the order. As a result, you will receive a real exclusive product, the price of which will be much lower than in boutiques.

What prints will be perfect product decorations?

  • Picture of a German bomber downed by the famous squadron pilots: Dornier Do 17 or Messerschmitt Bf.109.
  • Illustration of British fighters, on which 303 Squadron flew.
  • A photo of pilots before a fight or during a flight.
  • Portraits of aces such as Witold Urbanowicz and Jan Zumbah.

Paintings will effectively decorate not only men's clothing - women's and children's clothing will also look original. Patriotic new clothes perfectly complement the city arch and military-style outfit. Each composition and print will remind others of the legendary pilots, thanks to which Poland and other countries have freed themselves from long occupation.

Products for the most demanding customers

You decided to present the outfit as a gift, but you are worried about its quality? The clothes presented on the PrintSalon website are made of solid materials: organic cotton or synthetic, which has been specially designed for sportsmans. T-shirts and other items do not stretch and shrink after washing. On the product page there are size tables, so you can choose a new item by size without matching. Backpacks will not break during use, mugs are comfortable, and their quality will not deteriorate due to temperature changes.

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