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"Hussars" print - a symbol of valor and fearlessness

Hussars was the horror of many empires. They attacked first, clearing the way for their infantry. Thanks to their numerous victories, Poland has become a great state. Centuries have passed, and the Poles do not cease to be proud of the brave "knights". Girls and guys are happy to buy T-shirts and accessories with their portraits and present them as a gift.

The Hussars appeared in 1500 and were part of the light cavalry of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In 1577, the Polish King Stefan Batory from the warriors formed the only heavy cavalry in the world. Expensive armor protected the soldier from wounds, and the hardy arabian horses, as lightning, were breaking into the ranks of the enemy. The riders were intimidating long before the clash: their long pikes with the flag and huge wings were visible from afar. During the offensive, the feathers fluttered in the wind and made a noise that terrified the enemy horses. It seemed that they were not people, but the angels of death were soaring over the battlefield.

Hussars began losing the battle of 1622 - after the appearance of a new firearm. Without a hard drive, the Commonwealth weakened and became a target for other countries. However, the winged warriors firmly occupied their niche in the history of the world, because they brought victory for not only one decade, they helped Poland to preserve its lands and independence. That is why many Poles buy clothes with portraits of "knights" and bring them as a gift for each celebration.

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Do you want to emphasize style more interestingly, express your attitude to historical values and traditions? PrintSalon makes it easy to create complex sketches for printing. And you do not have to be a good painter - the most important thing is to decide what image will be on your purchase.

Drawing of a hussar will be a great decoration of new urban style clothing. A warrior can be depicted on a horse, during a battle or march. Illustrations on the background of a river or winter nature will look original. T-shirt or sweatshirt will be an interesting addition to the wardrobe, if you choose the theme of battle or order. Such colorful things will match the gift for a true patriot and history lover.

The word "Husaria" or the image of a significant date, for example "1621 - victory of riders in the battle of Chocim", when the soldiers defeated the army of Turkish sultan Osman II, will fit. If you are not impressed with the dimensional drawing, you can buy a product with wings, pike, saber, clamshell or armor that were part of the cavalry equipment. Thanks to such photos, not only men's clothing looks spectacular, but also feminine, if a girl loves military style or has a warlike character. Incidentally, similar clothes for children will surely please the child. And if you additionally decorate your clothes with a themed patch, your child will be delighted!

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