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Coffee invigorates and gives a wonderful mood to millions of people. And the company PrintSalon gives fans of drinking a cup of a fragrant drink in the morning an original idea. View the assortment of products of the online store and pick up any item with a creative coffee print or inscription. If you prefer a cappuccino - order a print of the corresponding picture on a tank top, T-shirt or bag. 


Clothing that refreshes

Psychologists believe that people can be divided into two large groups depending on whether they prefer tea or coffee over other drinks. According to experts, caffeine connoisseurs more like change, tend to take risks and have a sense of humor.

Anyway, beverages based on coffee beans have many fans around the world, and Poland, waking up, dreams of a cup of aromatic, hot, strong coffee. But doctors warn: do not drink a lot, it does not affect health very well.

The PrintSalon online store has developed an excellent product for those who do not want to part with their favorite drink, but need to reduce the number of desired cups - print it on clothes. The print quality made by our specialists is so perfect that when you look at the picture you can feel the aroma and even the taste.

Prints on the topic of food and drinks

Among the colorful plots that PrintSalon painters propose to decorate clothes, there are those that are especially popular with customers, regardless of gender and age. These are prints related to food and drink. Perhaps the fact is that this is a topic of eternal pleasure. We love tasty and this can be said not only about food, but also about wardrobe items.

But coffee is an absolute hit. In a T-shirt with the words "Coffee is always a good idea" it is simply impossible to frown. It is said that the sweatshirt on which the cappuccino cup is drawn is refreshing in itself. On a cloudy autumn morning it will be very useful.

Did your friends photograph you the moment you tried an unsurpassed latte and closed your eyes blissfully with happiness? How cool! If you want, print this photo on a T-shirt and a beautiful memory will stay with you. Yes, it is quite possible, because we print not only from ready drawings, but also on the basis of individual materials. To do this, you need to load the photo using the application "Create your design", after making sure that the image quality meets the necessary requirements. The better the image, the easier it is for us to guarantee that it will look bright and colorful on clothes.

When placing an order for printing, you choose the color of the product and the print itself, as well as the placement area, image size. In addition to the plot, you can add the inscription at your discretion. It can be a short slogan, a joke, a rhyming line and even a Chinese character. However, in China, as we know, they prefer other drinks.

How to complement your wardrobe at an affordable price

To dress not only in an original, fashionable and beautiful way, but also favorably, pay attention to our offer "Buy a set". We offer a discount for several items with the same print. You can buy some nice T-shirts for sports and leisure activities, choose a comfortable hoodie, necessary in every wardrobe. If you do not like to dress too warm - allow yourself a light sweatshirt with long sleeves. We decorate any item with a print and give it a unique character according to your wishes and deliver it to every corner of Poland.

In addition to clothing, we manufacture original dishes and accessories. Your favorite coffee mug will look great with a mouse pad, vinyl stickers for decorating the kitchen or office, and even a pillow.

Everything that we are ready to offer to real coffee connoisseurs, you will find in the PrintSalon catalog. Price and quality do not require presentation, choose cool things, give souvenirs, drink your favorite drinks and take care of yourself!