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Military theme have become one of the most popular trends in modern fashion. Camouflage elegantly turned into casual wear, adding brutal notes of the army to the wardrobes of men, women and even children. On the pages of the PrintSalon online store, you can print thematic images on different types of products: T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, baseball caps, backpacks, etc. Goods decorated with a military print or memorable inscriptions will be an original gift.


Products with military print - for strong and self-confident personalities

The military style will remain on the Olympus of fashion, as long as the Poles remember their heroic past. In boutiques it is easy to buy "military" clothes of any model, decorated with colorful prints. However, it is difficult to find exclusive products there. To emphasize your individuality and patriotic mood, it is better to go to the PrintSalon online store. The site has a chic selection of products that can be decorated with personal drawings.

The military style has become an integral part of the wardrobe of many Poles. Girls and boys are attracted by the free style and calm colors of such things, their convenience and versatility. For patriots, themed clothing became a symbol of the struggle for independence. Poland has repeatedly gained sovereignty. In 1109, Prince Bolesław III Krzywousty refused to pay tribute to the Germans and defeated their army. In the 1770s, the Commonwealth was divided between Prussia, Russia and Austria. In 1814, the Kingdom of Poland appeared on the map, but under the "dome" of Russia. It was only after the First World War that the country gained independence (1918).

The Second World War ended more miserably: the Polish state came under the rule of the soviet communists. Poles did not accept the Stalinist occupation, and in 1989 their dream came true (celebration on November 11). Even after many years people have not forgotten about the heroism of their ancestors, that's why the stores are full of clothes and household items, decorated with patriotic prints and paintings of military themes.

PrintSalon - an online store of exclusive products with military style prints

The PrintSalon catalog contains a large selection of summer and warm clothes:

  • T-shirts in various styles and colors, as well as tank tops;
  • hoodies, with and without zipper ;
  • sweatshirts, warm pants, fleece jackets and other men's clothing;
  • clothing for children - for the youngest defenders.

It is also worth paying attention to accessories, dishes and other goods. Here is a great selection of mugs and backpacks, including eco-bags. Mouse pads, vinyl stickers and decorative pillows with military patterns look original and perfectly match interior decoration. Especially that the patriotic picture will be a great motivator.

Your new outfit will be unique if you place an order for your own design product. Any images fit as prints, if they are in high resolution and free from defects. The site contains ready-made sketches that can be completed with a phrase and clipart. The image should be moved to the "Create your design" section and placed in the layout of the selected product. In the end, without leaving your home, you buy this exclusive item that can't be bought anywhere else. You will also like the price.

Ideas of military imprints:

  • firearms and melee weapons;
  • tanks, cannons, fighters aircraft and other vehicles;
  • attributes of the army (helmets, jackets, etc.);
  • the inscription "Polish Army", "Military Gendarmerie", "Polish Special Forces", etc.

Such sketches are valid not only for men's products. Women's clothing with a similar print will further emphasize the elegance and beauty of the girl, especially the T-shirt. For children, not too aggressive options are selected. These products can be safely picked for a gift.

Quality above all!

All products presented in the catalog are made of the best materials. Clothes are made of organic cotton, fleece or high-quality synthetic. Ceramic cups do not break, and backpacks can withstand the weight of your stuff. Particular attention is paid to prints - professional equipment and certified paints are used for printing, which do not cause allergic reactions even in infants. The picture will not break because of temperature changes, it will not fade in the sun, its contours will remain bright and the colors will not lose their brightness.

In the PrintSalon online store you can buy the entire collection of printed products and thus express your beliefs. Be stylish and independent!