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Wojtek the Bear - print-mascot for Poles

Poland is a country with heroic people who managed to instill patriotism even in a bear. Wojtek the Bear became a symbol of the victory of Polish soldiers over the occupants. He was immortalized in sculptures and monuments, and the paintings that began to decorate textiles and dishes, accessories and other household items. Why not buy something with such print?

A bear-soldier accidentally got into General Anders's Polish army: an Iranian boy found him and gave soldiers for food. The animal became a soldier of the 22nd company and received the title of "corporal". He brought heavy ammunition, distinguished himself in the Battle of Monte Cassino and brought victory with the boys. Unfortunately, the bear-soldier repeated the fate of the Polish army: he risked his life for his country, but after the war he was in exile. The winners dreamed of crossing the main streets of Warsaw with their bear, but the return to communist Poland was dangerous.

Wojtek was placed in the zoo in Scotland, where he lived old age. In honor of a shaggy fighter, they created an emblem: on a green background there is a polar bear with a large bullet. This photo is often decorated with men's and women's clothing and accessories. Such clothes are often bought as a gift, applied to celebrate the independence of the country and simply to complement the urban style.

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