T-shirts with print Name & Number

Name & Number on personal clothes is an original way of self-expression, which is actively used by modern youth. Now personal data is applied not only to the form of sports clubs. The T-shirt with the name has become the trend of several fashion seasons. PrintSalon online store offers various types of printed goods: comfortable clothes and stylish accessories with unusual inscriptions or symbolic dates. Their main characteristic is reliability, strength, durability.


What is hidden behind the mysterious number?

For the vast majority of young people, the first priority when choosing a wardrobe is originality. Finding new forms of expression is a very exciting process. One of the most popular and creative options for decorating clothes are paintings with the name and number. And if everything is clear with the first part of such a printout, the number can have very different meanings. It's all intrigue.

Try to guess what information is hidden behind number 10, shown on the blouse of a young girl. It can be the date of birth or favorite number, number of fans or the idol sports jersey number. Is this not an effective way to attract the attention of others? Caps with the image of the name and number are very popular among fans, fans of active forms of recreation and others. Things with such prints can be a great gift for an unforgettable date or anniversary of the family. In the catalog of the PrintSalon online store you will find a variety of products that are ideally suited for symbolic printing.

Create an item with individual design

T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and mugs are most often used as a base for printing photos and inscriptions. All these products are presented on PrintSalon in a wide assortment of models and colors. In the thematic sections you can familiarize yourself with the most popular variants of prints.

It is also possible to create things with your own project. Buy original products with name and number using modern means of communication. Specially for this purpose, a "Create your design" section was created where you can submit your layout and place an individual order

Guaranteed compliance with all consumer rights

PrintSalon specialists will use the image you like on any product presented in our catalog. The product with the name and number can be an original and inexpensive option for a gift for friends or colleagues. We will quickly complete the application and send it to any region of Poland. You can make payments by any of the methods offered on the site.

Sales of goods with prints in the PrintSalon online store are carried out in accordance with all consumer rights. It's easy to find out about the high quality of production and services - just read the reviews on the site! Pleasant and successful shopping for you!