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Patriotic "NSZ" prints as a symbol of the fight for independence of the country

The National Armed Forces was a fairly strong underground organization that fought against the occupiers (1942-1947). Many Poles understand the significant contribution of its participants. Patriots try to express their appreciation in any way, so they often buy items with thematic prints.

It is not known what the fate of Poland after the Second World War would be without the NSZ's political and military organization. Its participants fought for the independence of the country not only with the German occupiers, because the Russian communists headed by Stalin planned to make the Polish state their puppet. But thanks to the dedication of the soldiers, the Poles freed themselves from the oppression of foreigners and preserved their sovereignty. The NSZ consisted of many organizations: the Organization Lizard Union, the Military Partisans' Staff, the Military Organization "Wolves", etc.

Unfortunately, internal conflicts led the National Armed Forces to a split, and in 1944 the organization was divided into two groups: NSZ-AK (entered the Home Army) and NSZ-ZJ (kept its independence). Internecine problems affected the effectiveness of the fight, but Poland was the first to gain independence. And let many decades pass, the memory of the National Armed Forces is immortalized in prints. On sale are often found women's and men's clothing with thematic images, which are very popular.

Where to buy original items with themed prints

The PrintSalon website has a great selection of products that will effectively emphasize your image and style:

  • Caps of different models and fleece. Small photos will fit on them, for example "NSZ" or a pseudonym of a soldier;
  • Summer and winter clothes for women, men and children. It's worth taking a look at tank tops, sweatshirts. Hoodies are offered in several versions: with or without zipper;
  • Stylish assortment of T-shirts: sports, premium, made of organic cotton with a small percentage of elastane;
  • Dishes. Patriotic photos look great on ceramic and enamel products. Chameleon mug will be a good gift;
  • Various accessories (backpacks- urban backpacks and backpack-bags, eco-bags, mouse pads, etc.).

The catalog also includes children's clothing, so you can dress your child or the whole family with original clothes for theme celebrations.

Designers often decorate their products with historical illustrations and patriotic phrases. However, it is not always possible to find the perfect option that would be suitable in terms of color, quality, and sketch content. The PrintSalon online store offers a truly exclusive product: clothing, accessories and dishes with individual print. The selected illustration can be loaded into the "Create your design", transferred to the product layout, and then placed the order.

PrintSalon: high quality products at an affordable price

The PrintSalon online store offers high quality products. The clothes are made of good materials that let through the air and absorb moisture. The lines are equal and without hanging threads. Ceramic mug does not break under the influence of temperature changes. Are you afraid that prints will lose color quickly? If you follow the usage instructions, the image will satisfy you with a luscious palette for a long time. Particular attention is paid to paints. They are certified and do not contain harmful substances.

Despite the initially low cost, the price of goods can be reduced, even if you choose a few things. Tank top, backpack and hat will be part of your unique collection if you have the same photos on them. Products with NSZ print - a great opportunity to express appreciation for independence fighters!