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Pizza is an unusual print on clothes and accessories, it will perfect suits fans of this popular dish. PrintSalon company prints original pictures with inscriptions that give a wonderful mood. Select the necessary products on the website of the online store, and the appropriate types of images with food to them. A slice of pizza looks spectacular on both a mug and a T-shirt. The quality of goods with a creative print will delight and give an excellent mood for more than one year.


Pizza - try to be seduced

Which season in a row clothing with prints does not lose popularity. The trend is only slightly modified, the accent and content change, but the fact remains a fact. Dress in a bright and unusual color is very fashionable. If an earlier hit for everyone who wanted to look modern was a T-shirt with the inscription of a popular brand, then this season eclecticism and animalistic declare. You don't like animal prints? It's all right, everyone should not dress equally. Remember the main rule: the more amazing, unpredictable the print on the outfit, the cooler it is.

Print on clothes for bright people

There are things that shape our style, help to show your character. They may not always be found, but today it is easier to supplement the wardrobe with such unique clothes, because you can buy some things to order. The PrintSalon online store deals with the production of men's, women's and children's clothing for contemporary people with taste. Our clients do not want to look like "like everyone" and choose the color according to the "does not get dirty" principle.

Everything should be the other way around. Paints are the brightest, most noticeable, create a mood, give energy. Styles - the most fashionable. Models - comfortable, practical and high quality.

You can easily find such things in the PrintSalon catalog. For you there are T-shirts for every taste, tank top, sweatshirts, hoodies of two types, with a zipper or with a pocket. All things are decorated with prints that tell others about your hobby.

Some of the most popular prints are images from the "food" section. Here, the entire series is dedicated to connoisseurs of Italian pizza. The seductive dish looks so realistic that it stimulates the appetite of others, and the hand reaches for the phone to pick up a food delivery service. Be careful, this print is not recommended to wear during fasting. But it does not add extra calories, so you will keep the figure, and you will look in a new sweatshirt or T-shirt simply dazzling.

Because there are thousands of pizza recipes in the world, every person has their own idea of what a drawing to order should look like. It is quite natural that it is not always possible to find the desired sketch among the ready-made options. In the PrintSalon online store, the customer can offer their own version of the image. To do this, open the application "Create your design" and load the desired image.

If you want, you can show your imagination and even print your own portrait. For example, when you try a huge pizza in a new restaurant or take part in a cooking workshop. In general, you can take the creation of cool T-shirts and other things into your own hands. The result is usually amazing, and the price of such exclusive items for Poland remains quite reasonable.

Souvenirs are trendy

Everyone knows that a fashionable instagram profile is one where food is from different angles. Appropriate souvenirs should also have a "delicious" print. For pizza lovers we will prepare great gifts on this subject. We have a mug with pizza, a pillow and even a mouse pad decorated with delicious particles of ham, tomatoes and mushrooms.

To buy one copy or the whole batch of products with prints, just contact the online store managers and place an order for printing. The quality and time of processing the application will pleasantly surprise you.

Give yourself or your friends some cool things with the image of your favorite food from the PrintSalon masters. Don't be ashamed of your hobby, let the whole world share with you the taste of a real Italian pizza with a ruddy crust.