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Symbols that emphasize your love for hometown

The corner of the land in which he was born and grew up is close and dear to every human being. Warsaw or Cracow, Wrocław or Łódź, Poznań or Lublin, Katowice, Białystok or Rzeszów. The size and location of the settlement is irrelevant. Small settlements or large metropolises are equally important for their residents. No wonder that all kinds of goods with images of Polish cities are so popular. T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, mugs or other products decorated with thematic drawings and inscriptions will be an ideal gift option for patriots of your country.

During tourist trips, small gifts in the form of printed products can be presented as souvenirs for new friends and acquaintances. At the competition, sport fans use T-shirts with the names of Polish cities as a type of business card. We recommend buying souvenirs and clothing items with drawings of "urban" themes in the PrintSalon online store.

Individual design of products

You can choose different clothes from the range presented in catalogs for image printing. The thematic chapter of the website contains a collection of images and subtitles, developed by PrintSalon designers. And for those who prefer things with an exclusive look, the "Create your design" section was created. Just load the sketch and choose the color and size of the desired product. You can express your attitude to your favorite city using the original password and even a nice inscription.

The advantage of cooperation with the PrintSalon online store is the ability to translate the most creative ideas into the reality and buy products with prints from Polish cities, made according to individual sketches.

An original and inexpensive gift for friends

Mugs with prints of Polish cities are very sought after among patriotic citizens. These products are widely represented in the PrintSalon catalog. They are made of high quality ceramics, have different volume and color. Such an original and inexpensive gift will be gratefully received by friends living in another city or country.

We have done everything to make the cost of our products affordable without losing quality. The site regularly conducts promotions and sales. The cost of wholesale shipments of goods is calculated using a flexible rebate system. Subscribe to PrintSalon newsletters to know about the latest innovations and offers!