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Modern printing technologies will help to express individuality

Man is willing to realize himself, achieve harmony. The variety of hobbies, subcultures, religious and fan movements is simply amazing. Even members of one family often have completely different preferences in the cinema and music, sports and literature. Dad may be interested in fishing, and his son - martial arts. Mom likes photos of marine painters, and her daughter prefers the art of design. The case does not concern at all the "conflict of generations". We are simply very different. One of the modern ways to express yourself is clothing with prints and inscriptions on it.

In the PrintSalon online store you can buy original products with bright prints on various topics. We offer sleeveless shirts, T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, sweatshirts, hats, ceramic mugs, cushions, etc. as a base for the use of photos.

Products with individual decoration

Drawings and descriptions recommended by PrintSalon designers are sorted according to the thematic sections of the site, and everything that is not included in one or another collection is presented on this page. In addition to ready-made prints, PrintSalon provides its customers with the ability to independently design any element selected in our catalog. In the " Create your design " section, you can order goods with an individual print, a matrix that can be your own sketches or photos. The application allows you to load images, create subtitles, adjust the size and location of all elements of the print, watching the results of creative online activity.

We will deliver your purchase to any region of Poland

The order will be processed as soon as possible and delivered to the address in the manner specified in the application. You can also reduce your purchase costs. The purchase of several products with the same print will significantly affect the cost of the order due to the wholesale discount. During the sale, the goods are sold at reduced prices. In order not to miss the "moment", we recommend subscribing to the PrintSalon online store newsletter.

We guarantee impeccable quality of our products. In the case of a complaint, we will exchange or refund your money. Such situations are extremely rare, but the possibility of solving them is foreseen.

The use of decorative elements does not affect the consumer characteristics of products. Cups with prints can be washed not only by hand, but also in the dishwasher. You can find simple recommendations on the care of clothes decorated with pictures and subtitles on the site.

Individual decoration of items of clothing allows you to stand out from the crowd, increases the chances of finding new friends with similar views.