Polish cities in illustrations for souvenirs

Do you tell to talk about your hometown to all over the world? Then wear clothes with it name, gift souvenirs with the image of architectural buildings, monuments and other tourist attractions. And you can buy such products in the PrintSalon online store.

Our company specializes in printing prints on various products for over a year, so we know how to make our customers happy and surprise. The assortment contains fashionable and high-quality clothes, original and useful accessories:

  • women's, men's and children's T-shirts;
  • tank tops and aweatshirts;
  • baseball caps of several models;
  • warm hoodies;
  • light trousers;
  • backpacks and other products.

To decorate them, we have prepared over 5,000 drawings and inscriptions on various topics, including the "Cities of Poland".

You no longer need to spend valuable time and energy go shopping in search of an original gift for a friend, relative, children or friends. The PrintSalon website is available 24 hours a day, and the wide assortment will help you easily choose a unique gift. If you are going to travel abroad, you can order several souvenirs with the names of your hometown to broaden the knowledge of foreigners about our beautiful country. Do not worry about the high costs: when you order two or more copies you will get a discount, and when you buy for a certain amount you do not have to pay for delivery.

Radom in your heart and on your items

The company's designers treat every task responsibly, which is why our products have high quality and unique design. Modern printing methods allow the application of clear images of any color on the surface, which do not lose their brightness after long use. Prints are collected in thematic sections, so find photos and subtitles dedicated to the city of Radom is very simple.

This beautiful city is dignified to demonstrate love. Buy, for example, a hoodie or a baseball cap with the name of the city and the image of its symbol. And the surrounding people will not have to ask where you are from. The same thing can be given to your guest or you can buy several copies for your relatives who are going to rest in this city.

Products with prints from PrintSalon are always welcomed because they are:

  • made from environmentally friendly materials;
  • decorated with unique paintings;
  • available in all sizes.
  • they do not lose their appearance after many washes.

If you want to offer your own version of the print, use "Create your design". Choose a product - size and color, upload your photo and put it in the layout. Then send the product to the shopping cart, make a purchase and we will proceed with the order.

The reasonable prices of PrintSalon products will delight every customer. You can choose any payment and delivery methods in Poland.

It is easy to express admiration for the beauty of the city of Radom: all you have to do is buy products with a thematic print in our store.