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The Polish city Sopot is a small but beautiful seaside resort on the Baltic coast. It is popular with tourists, because traveling through it is like moving through time. No wonder it is still called the "city of legends" - and it breathes the spirit of history from it.

Visitors are always interested in historical architectural structures and interesting places. One of these is the Curved House, which is considered one of the most unusual on the planet. This landmark does not have a single flat line, attracting the attention of all passers-by. One gets the impression that you see not the structure itself, in its reflection in a curved mirror.

Also in Sopot is the sea pier, which is one of the longest in Europe. The length of the platform is 515.5 meters, representing a square, from which originates a wide and long flooring, made entirely of wood. One part of it is on land, and the second part goes to the Baltic Sea.

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