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"Love And Tequila"

Along with the national cuisines of different countries, the traditions of foreign drinking came to us. Irish whiskey, Cuban rum and of course Mexican tequila are the best friends of the craziest parties. Do you like fun, music, dance and a complete revel? Do you have the right clothes for crazy parties?

Clothing for mood - T-shirts with prints by PrintSalon

The first rule of clothes for a nice rest is convenience. One where you can feel as relaxed and confident as possible. There is no need to wear something too harsh on vacation, there is a risk that you will not fit in the general mood. You'd better listen to rule two. Look for something bright that will immediately make you a star of the dance floor and the object of general attention. Is the task not easy? Only at first glance.

In the search for suitable clothes, the original print will come to the rescue. This is a win-win option for everyone if you want to look cool and differ from the rest. In addition, the printed T-shirt, made to order, will help to tell strangers about you and present you from the best side. Choose stories about alcohol and tequila, and friends will immediately understand that you are whom they need to have fun with. That you are capable of unpredictable actions and know how to relax, trying to live with pleasure every day. That you love to make friends and value them. And also - you are familiar with fashionable clothes and know where you can buy them for profit directly in Poland.

To order an individual print, just open the tab "Create your design" and follow a few simple steps:

  • choose the base for the new item. It can be a tank top, a sports T-shirt made of thermoactive polyester, a hoodie or a universal men's sweatshirt. For more options, see the store catalog;
  • load the appropriate image from the phone;
  • specify the desired size, number of pieces, determine the color of the base;
  • if you want to experiment with a future image, increase the print area or change the font;
  • approve the final version and send it for execution by placing an order.

Within a few days we will make a T-shirt or other things, accessories, so you can look original at the next party. Do not forget to recommend our men's clothing series with pictures about alcohol to friends when they want to buy something equally interesting for themselves. Prints are in trend, and opposing modern fashion is futile. It is better to choose things according to your preferences and be ready when you are invited to a fashionable event.

"Family look" or a set at an affordable price

Have you noticed how cute a family looks when it is dressed in the same or similar things? "Family look" is very popular, that's why we suggest ordering T-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies with the same print for your loved ones. In such clothes it is nice to go on vacation, go on a trip or take part in luxurious photo sessions.

The "Buy set" action gives a discount on printing two items with the same print. It can be men's and women's T-shirts or men's sweatshirts of different sizes for brothers, father and son. In addition, we can choose useful accessories, a cap, a mouse pad, and even a pillow with the desired image.

Tequila, whiskey, vodka or wine - make your choice and order cool prints in the PrintSalon online store. The degree of fashion, like the degree of alcohol, must be increased!