Gifts for friends


How to organize a happy Valentine's Day for friends

On February 14 is celebrated Valentine's Day. It is called in honor of a saint who, according to legend, was a protector of lovers, and even organized secret weddings, where it was forbidden.

Today, lovers are not threatened by the emperor's wrath. This is a charming festival in which gifts are usually given to relatives and love is declared. It is believed that the main symbols for Valentine's Day are greeting cards in the form of hearts - valentine. Wishes and love notes are written on them.

In general, when choosing a souvenir on February 14, the theme of "heart" prevails. Mostly on this day you can give sweets, chocolates, souvenirs, balloons, and all must have a rounded triangular shape.

And what if you little widen horizons a bit and use more creative ways for the gift selection?

Unusual valentines for friends

You did not think why all Valentine's Day must necessarily be the same? Can the wishes be written only on the card? We offer to turn everything upside down. We have a whole store with goods on which we print any greetings for a friend or girlfriend. PrintSalon is ready to help you create the most original gift for Valentine's Day, so that your friends will remember him for a long time.

We have many ideas and even more colorful prints. They can be used to decorate clothes and accessories with drawings. We'll make a T-shirt-valentine, cap-valentine, bag-valentine, cup-valentine and even pillow-valentine! It's not just a gift, but also useful things that will not be lying idle on the shelf.

Buy online - it is very beneficial

To carefully choose gifts for all friends, you have to spend a lot of time. The most convenient option is to ask the PrintSalon online store for help. Here are just some of our advantages:

  • a large assortment of different goods collected in one catalog. To choose a gift for a friend, girlfriend, husband, wife, parents, you do not have to walk in shopping malls for hours, hustle at the counter, watching, touching, looking for "the same, but not this". Here you can quickly find everything you need, without getting up from the couch. Choose the type of product, image theme, desired color and size - and done;
  • great price. In the PrintSalon catalog you will not find products at inflated costs, sales through intermediaries. That is why we offer very fair competitive prices, constantly announcing discounts and promotions;
  • flawless quality of products. This is achieved due to the fact that we make purchases only from reliable suppliers. All products on which the print was applied are certified, repeatedly checked. The same can be said about consumables and equipment, through which we print on clothes or souvenirs. The paints are hypoallergenic, ecological. The image is durable, bright, does not crumble, does not peel off, does not lose its attractive appearance. Clothing is worn for a long time, it retains its shape and color;
  • original project. What we offer, you will not find in any store. Our painters created an exclusive collection of Christmas drawings. You can buy a T-shirt with a bouquet of hearts, a cup with wishes, a nice backpack, a pillow with the inscription and many more. And be assured that no one else will have a similar thing to your friends;
  • and most importantly - on the site you can make a gift for friends by your own hands! Here the imagination is unlimited. Use the application "Create your design" to load the desired image or photo, add a text, fully design the model of the product and see how it will look after printing. Try to create paired T-shirts for friends with the same photos or buy mugs with a nice slogan for everyone.

PrintSalon will complete the order very quickly and send it to any place in Poland. On average, you will need a few days to receive such an unusual gift. Keep the holiday mood and make sure that gifts for friends arrive on time.