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Clothing and accessories for lovers of fine drinks

Each wine has a unique aroma and bouquet. The culture of consuming this noble drink is all science. Observation of the professional activities of the sommelier provides restaurant guests no less pleasure than taste when tasting the contents of an efficiently opened bottle. T-shirts and other products with prints on the right topic have become a kind of identification mark for connoisseurs of good wine. Such clothes are not only worn by wine lovers. Modern youth are happy to use images and inscriptions on the subject of "Wine" to decorate the elements of their everyday and "party" wardrobe.

The drawings used are often humorous and are accompanied by cool inscriptions. Design options for clothing and accessories are no less than brands of noble drink. As interior elements, you can use your own original drawings, paintings or photos. The basis for printing can be not only things from textiles, but also ceramic wheels, vinyl stickers, mouse pads. These and many other products in a wide model and colorful assortment are presented in the PrintSalon online store. You can buy a practical product with a ready print or order printing your own image.

How unique prints are created

When viewing items with prints offered in the PrintSalon catalog, you can get detailed information about the products that are used as the basis for printing images and inscriptions:

  • manufacturer;
  • production material;
  • models, colors and sizes;
  • customer reviews of specific products;
  • care instruction.

If you want to use your author's drawing on the subject of wine or another alcoholic drink or in general on any topic, use the specially created application "Create your design". In the application it is easy to make a preliminary "fit" of the print on the base. This makes it easy to see how clothes of different models and colors will look with the selected image. By making changes to the image's color palette, adjusting its scale and location, you can create something that fully meets your requirements. In case of any difficulties or additional questions, you can always use the help of PrintSalon specialists.

Fast order processing

In the largest Polish cities, such as Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław, Łódź and Poznań, as well as in small cities, goods are delivered by the best postal services. If you bought new clothes with a picture of a glass of wine, a nice theme or other print as a gift for a friend, and you cannot personally give it, you can use the courier delivery service. Prepayment is easy to make via bank or credit card.

PrintSalon always cares about the benefits of its customers, which is why it regularly organizes promotions and offers various discounts. So, when you buy several products with the same print, you can save a lot. Find among the people in the immediate vicinity a few people who want to buy original products with funny pictures with prints about wine and combine your orders in one collective application.

In the PrintSalon online store you will be served at the highest level!