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Prints on the topic of alcohol - actually and originally

Vodka in small doses is useful in any amount (joke). The use of alcohol, especially vodka, has been a very common tradition since time immemorial. There is nothing wrong with it if you are careful and do not forget about the harm that alcohol can do to your health if you abuse it.

In the PrintSalon online store, a line of men's clothing has appeared with themed prints on the theme of various alcohol, in which much attention is paid, including vodka. Dress with humor: PrintSalon displays a wide range of T-shirts, hoodies and various accessories. You can do an experiment: try to buy a T-shirt with a print or an inscription dedicated to vodka. Put on a new thing, go outside and count how many strangers will smile at you in the first 5 minutes. Record? We knew it.

Just don't think you only meet alcoholics. No way. Just people always appreciate the good humor associated with what is close and understandable to them. In a sweatshirt with a print on the subject of alcohol you will be welcome in any company, such clothes are a good way to defuse the situation, show your cheerful character and easy attitude to such a serious event as life.

Quality for which we do not have to be ashamed

PrintSalon products have keeping up standards for many years and remain extremely high quality products with prints on the Polish market. We have no compromises when it comes to production standards, consumables or the choice of printing base.

For you, the three best offers for men:

  • men's T-shirt with print. Material: 100% cotton, which perfectly holds its shape, does not stretch. Printing last after a dozen or so washes, does not change color and brightness. The print does not crack, does not peel off, looks very impressive;
  • hoodie. Necessary clothes in the wardrobe for the cold season, soft, comfortable, practical and beautiful. Fashionable design will make it become an object of admiration and jealousy for everyone around you;
  • headgear (baseball caps, hats, Trucker, Snapback) with the original drawing or slogan on the front, functional visor, sewn from natural fabric and matching each head thanks to the regulator and universal size.

There is a popular promotion on the store's website, you can buy two items with the same print at a discounted price. Make yourself a set or order a "family look" of two shirts for yourself and the other half - now it is extremely fashionable.

The price of original products can be enjoyed

When ordering any clothes, you can choose a sketch for printing from those presented in the catalog or offer your own option through the application "Create your design". Drawing on individual layouts will not cost much more than usual, so exclusive T-shirts and sweaters have become even more available.

Order clothes with vodka prints in the PrintSalon online store. This is original and beneficial, all the more as folk wisdom says: vodka is very useful for men, especially when women drink it.