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Jurassic fashion

Despite the fact that the last dinosaurs left our planet many years ago, people like them and are actively interested in them. It is good that today these prehistoric animals exist in cartoons, movies and as mannequins. You wouldn't want to see a live tyrannosaurus or a real velociraptor, especially if it's hungry.

Drawn dinosaurs are very famous and are great for becoming stars of the PrintSalon collection. Our painters have created them different, so you can choose which character is close to you, small and harmless or large, dangerous and majestic.

Children especially like dinosaurs. That is why we have prepared a large set of images suitable for children's clothing. You can order T-shirts, baseball caps with cute pteranodons, stegosauruses or deinonychuses. And although the dinosaur is translated from Greek as a "scary lizard," our prints will make any thing more beautiful.

Models for men, women and children from the PrintSalon catalog are available to order around the clock. We will produce for you unique T-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories that you will not find at anyone. At the same time, the price of things will pleasantly surprise you.

The PrintSalon online store guarantees: dinosaurs on clothes will be a hit wherever you are.

Image quality speaks for itself, even after repeated washing, the print will not lose brightness, and the product - shape and soft, pleasant to the body texture. Our company's experience proves that a beautiful project is based on a consistently high quality product, which is the key to the success of our products throughout Poland.

Prints on souvenirs according to individual orders

For those who have already filled the cabinets with actual clothes with prints, the next offer is accessories. If you want to surround yourself with exclusive things, you've come to the right place. We've created original baseball caps, backpacks, pillows, mouse pads, dishes and other useful items. This is a great gift and an essential detail of a fashionable picture in which, as known, the devil is. Well, or a nice little dinosaur.

In the PrintSalon online store you can buy absolutely unique products. If necessary, each customer has the opportunity to offer their own design for printing. Draw your dinosaur, but rather ask for this child. Scan a small, but very dear masterpiece and send us through the application "Create your design". Immediately after placing your order, the product with your print will be sent for printing.

If you want to create the current "family look" from several things with the same print for all family members? It will be stylish, cordially and absolutely cheap, because we will make an excellent discount for two or more models with the same print.

Dress the whole family with PrintSalon printed products, enjoy every day and tell your friends where the most stylish dinosaurs in the world live.