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"Coat of arms of Poland" - an elegant decoration of clothes and accessories

The emblem is often used by designers to decorate clothes, dishes and various accessories, giving them a shade of patriotism. Because Poland has repeatedly lost its sovereignty and fiercely fought for freedom, all products with the state emblem will always be important. Search for a really unique option - check out the PrintSalon online store.

Why are the products with the Polish emblem so popular? There is an opinion that the Coat of Arms of Poland was invented by the founder of the State, Lech. The leader of the Pannonian tribe saw in the west a white eagle who built a nest on a tree. At this point, the ancestor of the Poles founded the first city, Gniezno. However, many historians rejected this fact because the white bird appeared for the first time on the coins of the first king, Bolesław I the Brave, much later and became a symbol of the state only after the coronation of Przemyśl II (in 1295). In the process of Polish development, the emblem kept changing. After the creation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a scepter and other royal regalia appeared in the legs of the bird, and on its breast there was a shield, mainly blue.

In 1795, after the fall of the great state, the emblem was forgotten and returned after the invasion of French troops under the command of Napoleon. The crown symbolized loyalty to royal power and therefore often "disappeared" from symbolism. In 1848, the bird was pink, in 1916 white with a black contour. The real emblem of Poland was approved in 1997: a proud white eagle against a red shield. His sharp claws, strong beak and gold crown. Such patriotic prints will be a great addition to all kinds of products that will be a valuable gift for any celebration.

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To buy a unique item in an offline store is extremely difficult. If you want to express yourself maximally, it is better to create an illustration yourself. All you need is a few minutes of free time to go to the "Create your design" section and submit the selected sketch to the page. By placing it on the selected product, you can place an order for purchase.

What can you use as print?

  • Pictures or drawings created using a graphics tablet or photo editor.
  • PrintSalon websites contain ready-made images that can be completed with text and a clip art using appropriate hints.
  • You can use the word "POLSKA" together with the coat of amrs.
  • Red T-shirt and polo is the perfect option for printing a white bird without a shield. By the way, this background embodied independence and a call to fight for freedom.

New clothes with the symbol of Poland are bought not only for the holidays: the emblem perfectly complements the city and business outfit. The product can be presented as a gift for a friend who cares about the well-being of his country.

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Only proven products are sold in the PrintSalon online store. Textiles and accessories are made of good materials and excellent designs. Ceramic cups do not break from extreme temperatures. For printed printing, are used certified dyes that are completely safe for health. Prints are resistant to various external factors.

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