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Insects on clothes - stay trendy

If you are even slightly interested in modern fashion, you are well aware of the popularity of clothes that mimic different animal colors. Not only animals, but also birds are important. Most often in the collections of famous brands you will find clothes with owls, kittens, pandas and puppies.

The PrintSalon online store has tried to offer something completely unusual. Our series of drawings are butterflies, beetles, spiders and other insects. Do not be afraid, they are quite nice, although of course such an offer is not suitable for people suffering from arachnophobia. Don't worry, the PrintSalon catalog has many cute hares, raccoons, pandas and unicorns, so you can quickly find the right print. For those who are not afraid of spiders and are ready to shock others with realistic photos, a suitable collection of images is presented.

Start by choosing a T-shirt illustration, complete the set with a warm hoodie, cap and cool backpack. Cute butterflies can change into a satin pillow decor, and a ceramic mug with a ladybug will decorate the interior of the kitchen.

The quality of photos guarantees that PrintSalon accessories will be a great gift for friends and colleagues and will last as long as you want. Resistant inks and special foils provide reliable coverage not only of fabrics, but also other materials, ceramics, metal, plastic. The print does not crumble, peel off or fade under the influence of moisture or ultraviolet radiation.

Original project for insect lovers

One of the significant advantages of buying custom-made clothing is that you don't have to be satisfied only with the models they offer you. Submit an idea and we will help you design it according to your original layout and send it to print. Men's and women's T-shirts, hoodies, children's goods and accessories can be made according to an individual project. This is an opportunity to buy truly unique things both for yourself and as a gift, at an acceptable price.

You can offer your own version of the image through the application "Create your design", its form is well thought out, thanks to which it is convenient to load a photo file, indicate the desired base, that is, a T-shirt or baseball cap, specify the color, add an inscription if necessary. Evaluate the result online.

PrintSalon wants everyone in Poland to look stylish, not afraid to dress extravagantly, boldly, express their thoughts, change with the help of original things. And let butterflies in the form of prints inspire you to be fashionable forever!