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Raccoon is the trendsetter

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a series of prints on clothes and souvenirs, whose main characters are cute fluffy animals and neatniks - raccoons. This is a very suitable story for decoration, allowing you to stay trendy, improve your mood and create a nice easy weekend image. Yes, not just a day off. After all, the raccoon is a well-known workaholic and may well go to work with you, but you should not wear a T-shirt with a cute face for a serious business meeting. However, printed items cannot be combined with an excessively harsh official dress code. But they are in perfect harmony with jeans, all denim items, sarafans, shorts and women's overalls that are very popular today. We recommend wearing men's models with any pants, sportswear and sweatshirts, which can also be ordered in the PrintSalon online store. Of course with animal prints.

We have so many offers for children that you can "fill" the entire cabinet with raccoons. Baby T-shirts made of natural cotton in all sizes, baseball caps, accessories. Boring stripes and monotonous colors are canceled today, and they are replaced by funny animals with large eyes.

Pictures for decorating clothes can be found on the product in a clearly defined place. On the T-shirts on the left side of the chest or in the middle, on the baseball cap - on the front. The raccoon, as the central element of the picture, can walk on the grass, fly in a spaceship or stand in front of the setting sun.

Baseball caps and other accessories on order

A collection of exotic animals would be incomplete without hats and other souvenirs. In the PrintSalon online store for printing, there are various baseball cap made of cotton fabric, ceramic mugs of various sizes, backpacks, pillows and much more. To buy one or more of these products, simply submit an application through the site at a convenient time.

If necessary, we will create exclusive souvenirs according to your sketch. Load your ideas through the application "Create your design" and we hope that your raccoons will be even more interesting than what the PrintSalon catalog offers. The affordable price for prints made according to our own layouts makes the service even more popular, and the number of people who tried their hand at designing accessories is increasing every day. Delivery takes place in any corner of Poland.

Choose great raccoons from PrintSalon, be in the trend of the season and save by taking part in store promotions.