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Print "Cursed soldiers" - a symbol of Polish independence

Every patriot tries to express his position and love for his homeland, even through clothing and everyday objects. On the eve of March 1, boutiques are filled with paintings and inscriptions dedicated to the Home Army guerrillas. The "cursed soldiers" devoted themselves to the fight for the independence of Poland. Let us remind others of the heroism and courage of those who sacrificed their lives for our well-being!

After the Second World War, when Poland was liberated from the German occupiers, the "Polish" power under Stalin's leadership began to control its lands. In fact, the USSR was a new conqueror: under the guise of good intentions, he repressed all unwanted. And only the "cursed soldiers" continued to fight for the independence of their state. Their activity began in 1940 and lasted until the mid-1950s. They fought on two fronts: with Germany and with special branches of the USSR. Thanks to "indomitable" boys, Poland once again became autonomous, was able to get out of devastation and become an economically developed country.

In 2011, the soldiers' heroism was appreciated at the state level. President Lech Kaczyński for the first time issued a legislative initiative regarding the new holiday, but he died in a plane crash, not finishing the work begun. Bronislav Komorowski supported this idea and signed the relevant law. The ceremony in honor of the "cursed" memory will take place on March 1. Now it's easy to get stylish clothes, dishes and accessories that decorate patriotic prints of previously "prohibited" themes.

PrintSalon - part of Polish history in every print

On the counter of the online store you will find women's and men's clothing as well as useful accessories:

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Children's clothes with colorful and attractive photos are also waiting on the counter. If you want to support Polish tradition or go to the celebration on March 1, you can order clothes for the whole family.

Regular stores are full of all kinds of clothes and souvenirs dedicated to the memory of "cursed soldiers", but in this diversity it will be difficult to find a unique product. Only on the PrintSalon site you can order products with your own illustration. Just look at the "Create your design" application and transfer your photo to the product layout.

What should be printed on items and objects?

  • the thematic inscription looks great. For example, the name of the organization that included the "cursed soldiers": "Freedom and Independence", "National Armed Forces".
  • thematic scenes with the participation of soldiers.
  • The names of the "cursed": Józef Franczak, nicknamed "Lalek", Stanisław Marchewka ("Ryba"), Henryk Wybranowski ("Tarzan"), Mieczysław Małecki ("Sokół").
  • militant uniforms, photos or sketches of "cursed soldiers", monuments, etc.

Products with such drawings are chosen as a gift for friends and colleagues who remember the history of the homeland and consider themselves as real patriots.

The benefits of the purchase from the PrintSalon website

All products in the PrintSalon online store are qualitative. Clothes are comfortable and sewn on good designs. The mug will not break, and the backpacks will not break when used. Drawings are used with the help of modern equipment and certified paints. Prints are very resistant and at the same time safe even for children. And when you buy a few items, the price will be reduced due to the wholesale discount.

Thanks to PrintSalon, you can easily emphasize your style, convey your feelings to others and express your position in life.