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Order T-shirts in Katowice

Create your own original image

If you are looking for an individual style of clothing, but you are not satisfied with the range of shops in Katowice, we recommend you to pay attention to clothes with prints in the online store PrintSalon. With seeming simplicity, it can become a very effective means of creating an original image. Modern technologies of transferring images to fabrics allow us to make a designer exclusive out of ordinary clothes. In the sections PrintSalon you get all the necessary information for the order.

Simplicity and convenience of online shopping

If you have decided to purchase a product with a picture or inscription in PrintSalon, select the section with the subject you are interested in. The site contains a complete list of products offered, including:

  • T-shirts (sporty, polo, V-neck or with long sleeves);
  • hoodies;
  • sweatshirts;
  • tank tops;
  • hats;
  • cups;
  • mouse pads;
  • stickers and other.

You can also get acquainted with the catalog of prints in our collection. In the appropriate section you will be provided with information on the range and size range of products, color options. Fill out a simple and convenient order form, leave your contact numbers or e-mail number. Our managers will contact you as soon as possible to clarify the details, and if necessary, they will suggest the best way to place a print or its color scheme.

We recommend to pay attention to the section "Create your design." Here you can create your own sketch. It can be anything: a photo or a funny inscription - the choice is yours. The result of this creative process will be, for example, a T-shirt with a unique design that you will not find in any other store.

As you can see, getting clothes with prints in the online store PrintSalon is actually very easy.

Cheap printed products with delivery across the country

The online store PrintSalon uses in its work the latest equipment for printing. The presence of such a production base allows us to carry out large batches without any problems. At the same time maintained the minimum production time and the required level of quality. For wholesale buyers a flexible system of discounts. Retail sales are accompanied by all sorts of promotions, the result of participation in which will be an additional price reduction. We offer our customers convenient forms of payment. Delivery is carried out not only in Katowice, but also to all cities of Poland.

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