Printing Images on Products

You can send us your picture for printing it on a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a pillow, a mug, a cap and other products.  Send request

The following data is required from you: your name and surname; the address of the electronic mail, where the commercial offer will be sent; the phone number you can contact to refine the details. In addition to this, you need to fill out the description, in which you should specify the type of product, size and location of the figure, the number of units of the goods. Under the form of ordering is located a simple loader to attach photos and layouts.







Delivery throughout








Circulation from 1
to 100 000 units of goods




Fill the form:

1) Upload your image layout.

2) Write your wishes to the order in the field “Describe your order”: the style, color and size of the product for applying a print, arrangement of the picture or inscription on the item.

3) You will receive an e-mail notification after the order will be processed.

4) The order will be fulfilled and handed over to the delivery service within 1-3 days after matching all the details.

If the layout can’t be loaded

or example, due to the large file size, send your request to our e-mail

Layout Requirements

The maximum size of an entire image for a full-color printing is an A3 sheet.

Raster images (photo)

You need the highest quality image without rough pixelation, preferably in PNG format with a transparent background for applying a photo on the entire width of the printing area. Small photos can’t be printed in a large size.

Requirements for raster images:

  • File types: .eps, .tif, .jpg (high quality);
  • Minimum resolution of 200dpi;
  • Image size 1:1.

Vector Images

Vector images are printed on the products of any color. Printing vector images is applying in conformity with the available color palette of the material (flex film).

Requirements for vector images:

  • File types .eps, .ai, .cdr;
  • Fonts must be converted to curves or fonts` files must be attached. 

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