Exchange and return

1. The size did not fit me. Can I exchange a t-shirt?

When placing an order and specifying sizes, it is important to understand that the dimensional grids of different manufacturers differ. For example, if you wear XL size shirts, it’s not a fact that you need the same size of T-shirts.

We strongly recommend you to check out our size table and select the correct size in advance before placing your order.

In which cases we make an exchange or refund:

1) The size that our managers recommended was not suitable for you.

2) You found a marriage on the product.

3) There is no print element (unprinted letter, pattern element, stripes or spots on the print).

When we do not exchange or refund:

1) You ignored the recommendations of our managers and the characteristics of our products in the dimensional table and chose the size at your discretion, but it did not suit you.

2) You tried on and paid for the product in our office. But when you returned home, you decided that the clothes is not sitting right.

3) You are not satisfied with the color or style of the product.