Exchange and return

1. The size did not fit me. Can I exchange a t-shirt?

When placing an order and specifying sizes, it is important to understand that the dimensional grids of different manufacturers differ. For example, if you wear XL size shirts, it’s not a fact that you need the same size of T-shirts.

We strongly recommend you to check out our size table and select the correct size in advance before placing your order.

In which cases we make an exchange or refund:

1) The size that our managers recommended was not suitable for you.

2) You found a marriage on the product.

3) There is no print element (unprinted letter, pattern element, stripes or spots on the print).

When we do not exchange or refund:

1) You ignored the recommendations of our managers and the characteristics of our products in the dimensional table and chose the size at your discretion, but it did not suit you.

2) You tried on and paid for the product in our office. But when you returned home, you decided that the clothes is not sitting right.

3) You are not satisfied with the color or style of the product.

2. I found a defect. Will you give me back the money or replace the goods?

Of course! In such cases, we guarantee the replacement of goods or refund. To do this, you need to take a photo of the defect on the product, send us a photo of the defect, order form and describe the problem by mail The manager will contact you as soon as possible and help solve the problem.

3. I found damage to the goods caused by shipping. What to do?

Unfortunately, delivery services can sometimes damage parcels with orders during transport. If you have identified the damage that occurred during transportation - be sure to take a picture of the damaged goods. Send us an email photos of the damaged goods, order form and describe the problem. Our manager will contact you and clarify all the details. We will send you a new product absolutely free. In this case, the delivery will be at our expense.

4. At whose expense is the exchange of goods?

In the case of exchange of goods, delivery is paid by our online store.

5. How to avoid mismatching sizes and choose the right size?

There are two ways to choose the right size for clothes:

1) The most reliable way. Put t-shirt, the size of which suits you perfectly, on a flat surface. Then measure its width and length. Compare these measurements with the measurements shown in our dimension table. Choose the optimal size, based on this comparison.

2) If you are not able to make measurements of a t-shirt (for example, you buy a t-shirt for a gift), you can choose the size according to the height and weight of the person to whom this t-shirt is intended. To do this, you need to place an order on our website and wait for the manager's call. You tell height and weight, and the manager on these parameters helps to choose the size. It should be noted that this method does not always work ideally, since with the same height and weight two different persons may have completely different body build.