Trucker Hats Kid's names


Headwear by PrintSalon: "personalized" fashion for children

Headwear is an important element of children's summer wardrobe. It is advisable to stock up on several accessories at once, as children lose their shawls and panamas too often. Being bareheaded in the sun means that both boys and girls are at risk of heat stroke.

Taking care of children's health forces parents to carefully choose children's headgear. If you have decided to purchase a trucker hat in the PrintSalon online store, you can be sure that your children's heads will be protected.

Beauty or comfort? Choose both

It often happens that manufacturers try to make beautiful models of children's clothing, forgetting about practicality and quality.

Kid's summer caps in our store meet 3 important criteria:

  • natural fabrics. If the spring and autumn option can be made of a dense synthetic fabric, then the cap for the hot season is made only of light materials. The headwear has a mesh on the back for additional ventilation. This panel regulates heat transfer, cools the head and provides additional air;
  • comfortable cut. Our accessory is suitable for boys and girls of all ages. The universal size allows to adjust the cap with a visor to each head circumference. For this, there is a clasp on the back. The tracker hat is decorated with a visor on the front. But it's not just a decorative detail. It protects the eyes and covers the upper part of the face from the sun;
  • original design. If everything in the PrintSalon baseball cap is thought out in such a way as to ensure maximum comfort even in the hottest season, it does not mean that we have forgotten about the design. We have not forgotten! In addition, we suggested a reliable way to avoid losing or confusing your headwear.

Personalized accessories are a solution for your children. They look like a regular trucker hat, with the names of your son or daughter made in a prominent place!

Design with a name

Trucker hats are a rescue for parents whose children do not want to wear headwear in the summer heat. The design is so successful that it will appeal to fashionistas of all ages. After all, few people do not like their own name!

What if it's also painted in bright colors? Or hidden in rhyming lines?

Yes, it's no wonder that caps with a name are among the most popular in the children's catalog. Choose the color, font, inscription you like and don't worry if you don't find the right option. We will make any name you want on the model!

An individual approach is one of the main principles of our store's operation. If the customer wants to order a baseball cap that nobody else in Poland has, we will be happy to help.

Your task is to send a picture or photo using the virtual application "Constructor". Pay attention to the quality of the image, otherwise the print will not look so good. The application allows you to place an inscription on the layout, define the main color and match it to the base for printing an image. Don't be afraid to fulfill your fantasies!

In the PrintSalon online store, you can buy baseball caps to order not only for children, but also for adults.

Do you want to buy your child something that he will definitely not refuse to wear? Kid's caps with a personalized print are the choice of experienced parents!