Trucker Hats Kid's comics and fairy tales


Kid's caps with fairy-tale characters

The PrintSalon online store produces clothes and accessories with prints. Our clients are adults and of course children. We have been working for many years so that you can buy unusual and fashionable garments here in Poland. An original design with your own print helps people express themselves through clothes, tell others about their tastes, hobbies and opinions.

We pay particular attention to creating a collection for kids. The taste and sense of style are shaped from an early age. Individual print serves as a guide for boys and girls in creating their own image, helps them to be distinguished from others from an early age.

As you know, the success of an entire outfit can be provided by one accessory. Caps with prints by PrintSalon are very popular all year round. Comfortable and fashionable, bright, original, they can be combined with clothes of any style, from sports to romantic.

Headwear with a print is comfort and beauty

Our kid's trucker hats have the following advantages:

  • high-quality fabrics, the accessory is "breathable" and protects against overheating. The headwear has a special mesh for additional ventilation;
  • bright colors, because summer is not compatible with dark colors;
  • comfortable visor, not too big, but not too small. It covers the eyes from direct sunlight and also creates a fashionable street style image;
  • clasp for size adjustment. Trucker hat fits loosely, but at the same time it sticks to the head, so that caps do not fall off, because children of all ages are extremely active;
  • bright accent, the role of which is played by the picture on the front of the headgear.

An adult cut is best combined with a child's design. A fashionable headwear will not look so aggressive if you choose a print with characters from fairy tales as a decor. Here you will be able to choose a picture for boys and girls of all ages.

Create your own design

The choice of the print is best entrusted to who will wear a cap. This is a creative process that can interest any child. First, because everyone likes fairy tales. Secondly, because fantasy and creativity are inherent in a child's nature.

If the child still does not know how to use the gadgets, help them to save the image they like and send it to printing using the built-in online application "Constructor". A personal photo, a funny inscription or even a standalone picture based on fairy tales can be a great print for your new trucker hat.

Did you like the image? Then order it not only on a headwear, but also on a hoodie, a T-shirt, a mug or a backpack. The quality of the products is excellent and several items with the same image can be purchased at a discount.

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