Trucker hats

Trucker hat is a popular headpiece with a visor that blends perfectly with casual and sporty clothes. The products presented on this page of the PrintSalon online store are sewn from 100% polyester, have a one-color and two-color design, which can be added with any print. The presence of the mesh on the back of the head provides excellent ventilation, and the size is easily adjustable with a special fastener. Images are applied by thermal transfer printing, so the tracker caps are practical and wear-resistant!

  • Black and white Trucker hats
  • Red-white Trucker hats
  • Dark blue white Trucker hats
  • Green white Trucker hats
  • Purple+white Trucker hats
  • Brown+white Trucker hats
  • Blue+white Trucker hats

Trucker hats to order - the perfect gift option

In addition to the usual functions of headgear, trucker hats serve as a type of business card. It has become possible thanks to modern technologies of using images for fabrics and other materials. Now, items of clothing have become a means of expressing themselves. With their help people inform others about their life priorities, preferences in the world of sport and art, about their sense of humor. It all depends on what kind of picture you want to create with the help of clothing. For example, it's easy to imagine what subtitles will decorate a rap fan. Products with prints on the subject of sport are a popular element of the wardrobe of football fans or lovers of other sports.
Thanks to the plastic closure, you can adjust its size. The mesh insert provides fresh air and improves ventilation. The product with a visor protects the eyes against blinding sunlight. Add an affordable price to this list and realize that you've found the perfect men's and women's accessories as a gift for friends, family members and colleagues. Buy a stylish Trucker hat with an inscription or print is profitable in the PrintSalon online store. It does not matter where you live in Poland.

Serial products or individual order

In order not to waste time on shopping trips, it is best to buy a new item online. On the pages of the virtual PrintSalon catalog, the hats are presented in various colors. Images recommended for printing are collected in thematic sections. Printing of photos and subtitles is carried out using the thermal transfer method. The materials used are completely harmless to health. She does not burn in the sun, does not peel and does not break, keeps her shape perfectly.
The equipment that we have at our disposal enables us to print black and white and full color photos that receive images in photographic quality.

The equipment at our disposal allows us to apply black-and-white and full-color drawings, receiving images of photographic quality. For those who prefer clothes with individual design, the sections «Custom design» and «Creator» are created on the site. Here you can order a print of your own author's print.

Payment methods and delivery options

We need very little time to execute the application. Logistics is carried out through a network of post offices. You can order delivery by courier. In this case, the package will be delivered directly to your home or office, after determining the appropriate collection time.
Order payment will also not cause any difficulties - it can be any convenient way. Trucker hats are very desirable, especially when carrying out the action, when the sale of goods in the store is at discounted prices. In addition, the cost of collective applications and wholesale batches of our products is calculated taking into account the flexible rebate system.
We guarantee compliance with all consumer rights. In the case of quality claims, the product will be exchanged or you will receive a refund. Read reviews about our work in the appropriate section of the site. Customers from all corners of the country constantly notice the high level of service and the unique quality of the PrintSalon online store products. Make sure in this!