Baseball caps name & number


What hides behind the numbers of the print "Name & Number" 

The fashion for wearing a particular type of clothing often arises spontaneously. This is especially characteristic of youth fashion. The most active and creative part of the population is not afraid to experiment with their image and is constantly looking for new means of self-expression. Young people feel restricted within dogmas and social principles.

With the advent of technologically advanced equipment for applying images on fabrics, young people had the opportunity to visually indicate their life priorities, views and hobbies. The subject of prints is very diverse, and their fashion is changing rapidly.

Today in trendy the picture "Name & Number". The numeric part of the figure may include the date of the first date with the girl, the number of your favorite football player or the maximum weight of the pressed barbell in the gym. This is the originality of this print - try it, guess. A cap with such a print has become an unchanging attribute of a "party" wardrobe. It combines well with T-shirts, tank tops, shorts and is quite inexpensive. On the website of the PrintSalon online store you can choose a product with the name and number print at the most attractive prices.

Baseball caps with an exclusive design

Baseball caps offered in the PrintSalon catalog are ideal for thermal printing. To get a completely new product with print, we recommend using the "Create your design" service. All you have to do is decide on the color and size of the product, and most importantly, load your image or create an inscription.

The PrintSalon online store offers a wide range of different items of youth clothing: T-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, hoodies, Snapback caps, Trucker hats. Buying several items, you'll get the option to receive a wholesale discount on your order. In addition, you can decorate all products in one style and get the original set much cheaper. During the promotion, the sale of products, including the image "Name and number", from our catalog takes place at reduced prices.

Immediately after sale, the finished product will be sent to any corner of Poland, to the address you provided. Payments can be made in the most convenient way for you. Online shopping on the PrintSalon online store is a complex of services necessary for the consumer.