Women's T-shirts

T-shirt - an important element of women's wardrobe, which fits perfectly in almost any image. This page of PrintSalon online store presents colored cotton products decorated with original and funny pictures and inscriptions on various topics. Thermal transfer printing is used for transferring prints, in which images are bright and stable! It's easy to be the center of attention in such T-shirts!


Stylish women's T-shirts with prints will complement your wardrobe

Even the most fashionable womens admit that one of the most universal elements of the wardrobe is a women's T-shirt with an original print. It is so harmoniously combined with other clothes that you can create almost any image. Do you want to emphasize your sense of humor, accent people around on your sporting success, take part in a themed party or social event - it will be more difficult to find a more effective way of expressing yourself through clothes.

The drawings and inscriptions chosen as decorating elements of T-shirts serve as a kind of business card. In addition, in such clothes a person feels comfortable: it does not constrain movements, easily suffers numerous cycles of washing. Another positive aspect is the affordable cost. With minimal costs of money, you get the maximum effect - complement your wardrobe with a stylish clothes with an exclusive design.

Drawing of images on various elements of a wardrobe is our specialization. The latest equipment allows us to print black-and-white and full-color prints of photographic quality and any degree of complexity.

The choice is not limited by any restriction

The virtual catalog of the site presents products of the Belgian company Stedman. The range and color assortment of T-shirts will satisfy even the most demanding customers. A special table will help to determine the correct size. The method of drawing images depends on the fabric of the product and its color.

The most popular drawings and inscriptions for printing are collected in the thematic sections of the site. But there is an opportunity to order products with exclusive design. For these purposes, the «Custom design» section has been created. The basis of the decor element can be your author's sketches or photos. Imagine what an original gift you can order on our Internet resource for your girlfriend, sister or mom! It can be a product with a funny drawing or inscription, with the image of the hero of a favorite series or a musical idol - the choice depends only on your imagination.

The order will be executed as soon as possible

We accept and promptly execute orders from all regions. You can make an application for production remotely online. Delivery of goods to consumers is carried out through the network of post offices. In addition, you can order address courier delivery in Poland. In this case, the goods will be delivered directly to the home or to the office, having agreed upon the time convenient for receiving.

During the period of the promotions the price of the offered products becomes even more accessible. Reducing the cost of the order is also facilitated by purchasing a wholesale consignment of goods or issuing a collective application.

We guarantee the perfect quality of products and the observance of all consumer rights. We hope that you will appreciate all the advantages of online shopping in the online store PrintSalon.