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Women's T-shirts names


"I won't forget your name"

What is the most pleasant sound for a human ear? It's not rustling of leaves, waves lapping, and certainly not a morning alarm clock. Most people like to hear their names. Consistent with the logic, painters from the PrintSalon online store suggested that you want to not only hear but also see, and therefore wear them on your clothes. And they drew a whole catalogue of personalized women's T-shirts. But agree that the inscription on the chest of Maria, Zofia and Hanna would be too simple and predictable. What's more, not every girl will like the style of the football team known in such cases. Perhaps not everyone wants to look in a new tank top like Messi or Ronaldo.

Here, everything is much more interesting. You can choose drawings with your own name, made in various styles, in accordance with modern designer ideas, complemented with an inscription or joke. And in addition to the fact that you choose the colors, size and place for printing. We give such a wide field to creative experiments that it will be difficult to find two similar prints, even if your name is Maria or Zofia.

Qualitative print in the blink of an eye

Fast printing in our case is not a marketing, but a real truth. It is about modern technologies that are very actively introduced into the production process. We have modern equipment and experienced designers, thanks to which PrintSalon has mastered and practices several techniques of transferring images onto fabrics and other surfaces.

The photo on the women's T-shirt is made by the thermal transfer method using special flex foils. Such print does not fade, does not wear out, does not lose color and does not crack after washing.

Personalized things help to stay in the trend

How to choose a nice print from a whole range of offers? First of all, trust your heart. Imagine what you would like more: a T-shirt with a romantic mood or a witty T-shirt with a positive wording? Turn on the imagination because you can choose not only the sketch, but also the color, image size, print location, main product tone, style and size.

In addition, if you like, you can create an interesting set and put the name not only on the T-shirt, but also on the hat, blouse or shorts. It will not only be stylish, but also beneficial because when ordering two items with one print the price will be low.

We offer the most creative girls independent "create" clothes for themselves. You will need a good image with the right quality. Load it using the application "Create your design" tab and add your wishes. The virtual layout will help you see how the selected plot will look like a real product and tell you if you need to change the color, reduce letters or slightly move the whole picture.

We are happy when original and unusual things are created as a result of joint creativity. The PrintSalon online store guarantees the quality of products, and the client offers fresh ideas that become the decoration of a wardrobe.

Do not forget to buy the coolest T-shirts in Poland. Trusting the experience of our company, you will always be fashionably dressed with the minimum of effort, money and time.