Phone case for Huawei P30

A phone cover with prints perfectly protects the device case and gives pleasant emotions. PrintSalon online store offers cases for stylish Huawei of any modification - P30, P30 Pro, P30 Lite. Using modern UV printing technology, original images are applied to the silicone case. So in Poland ordinary accessories can be bought in a unique version. The price of order for several products will be lower due to the discount.


A phone needs protection

Congratulations, you have become the owner of a new smartphone. The modern Huawei P30 is a great choice. Beautiful, functional, with a cool camera and a fast-charging battery. It will last a long time, but your task is to provide him with reliable protection. A modern smartphone is a very delicate thing. It can not be thrown to the bottom of the bag or pocket without consequences.
The case, screen and side panels of the new gadget should be protected from possible damage. Only protective film may not be enough, because it only covers the screen from impact and scratches. But a special case will protect it from the fall, when it is possible to break the device, break off the corners and damage the camera.
PrintSalon took care of this. A great selection of excellent phone protective covers is at your service. They are not inferior to branded products, but have their own advantage. And this is most liked by the consumer.

Silicone protection for your smartphone

No one want to think about troubles. And you do not have to, if you choose a reliable case made of industrial silicone. This is a simple option, which has many advantages:
  • it is lightweight, does not burden the smartphone, which already has sufficient weight;
  • does not add volume, but at the same time closes both the back and side panels from all sides;
  • does not slip in a hand, reduces risk of falling and impacts;
  • now expensive, which means it is easy to replace with a new one;
  • perfectly suits car holders of any type;
  • durable, protects against chips, dirt and moisture, for example, during rain.
There are thousands of stores where you can buy a standard silicone case of the model you need for the Huawei P30. They guarantee affordable prices and good quality. But only the PrintSalon online store also offers the most original design in Poland. Which one? Anyone you want!

Custom design for a stylish accessory

There are many options in the catalog of the online store and it is not difficult to choose one to taste or mood. But on the site you can also order goods according to an individual order. Everything is simple. You come up with what kind of picture you would like to see on the phone case and send your image or photo through the application “Create your design”.
But the company offers customers even more - prepare the layout yourself. Using special functions in the application, you can add an inscription, numbers, symbols, cliparts to your image at your discretion. Your exclusive silicone case will be ready that day.
The print is applied on professional equipment using UV printing technology. This is a modern way to transfer images to different surfaces, including plastic and silicone. The result exceeds expectations! After we print the picture we like on a transparent or black base, it will look better than on a computer screen.
To order an original protective cover for a smartphone of any model in the PrintSalon online store is the easiest way to get a high-quality case in a matter of days. It will take no more than three business days to fulfill your application, including a delivery. Agree, it is both profitable and convenient!