Phone case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus


iPhone cases with exclusive prints

Phone covers was invented to protect the smartphone case from mechanical damage. Different models are made of different materials, but the rule is certainly observed - the product must be comfortable and have an attractive appearance. On sale today, it is not difficult to find a case of good quality and various models: cover, holster, folio case, flip case, etc. However, many prefer to receive an accessory with an uncommon decor.

Such, it can be said, exclusive products in the form of silicone covers can be found on the PrintSalon website. If you want to buy something interesting for your iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus, you don't have to organize real purchases for the whole day. In addition, it is difficult to choose something special on the market or in a shopping center. It is much easier to order the original item online, while saving a significant amount of money.

Choose a phone case with a colorful and unusual picture without leaving the comfort zone - it's very tempting. Use ready-made images, which are a lot in the PrintSalon catalog. They are distributed by themes. Using the application "Create your design", you can create a print sketch yourself, even without artistic skills. Each illustration can be completed with a clipart or a few words can written in a text editor. It all depends on your preferences and goals.

Despite the quality and exclusivity, you will be surprised by reasonable prices, which are much lower than in ordinary stores of such accessories. In addition, the case for iPhone 6 Plus, as well as 6S Plus, can be ordered in a few minutes. And if you find it difficult to choose only one product, take several and get a wholesale discount. It is profitable to buy several products with the print at the same time. Because the site contains many useful and high-quality products: hoodies, tak tops, mugs, decorative pillows, mouse pads and much more.

How to choose a print?

Even such a plain thing, at first glance, like a phone cover, can tell a lot of interesting about its owner. For example, a picture of a lion or leopard choose strong and powerful people. A crown can mean pomposity and arrogance. The red color will tell about the violent and bright character.

Pay attention that often when you meet with employees or friends, you look not so much at the phone as at its decor. The colorful illustration on a case is very attractive, which is why many entrepreneurs use such products for advertising purposes. 

On the iPhone case you can depict:

  • ethnic patterns;
  • images that you have personally painted and photographed;
  • caricatures and funny sayings;
  • your company logo, slogan or appeal for buying products;
  • list of personal positive qualities.

These are not all options for the original print. When choosing a gift for a close person, it is better not to write a congratulatory speech, but to print on the product a beautiful photo of the house or dream car.

PrintSalon - quality above all else!

Despite the affordable pricing policy, the PrintSalon online store offers exclusively high-quality products. The material of cover base is durable - it doesn't break or crack. Perfectly adheres to the case, does not slide, does not stretch. Printing inks have the necessary certificates, making images safe even for babies.

To buy our products, it is enough to place an order on the website and not to go to specialized stores. You can read more about delivery in the appropriate section under each product. Be sure that your purchase will be delivered to any place in Poland.

Cases with non-standard prints and inscriptions - these are stylish products for people who can present themselves and stand out in an original way.