Phone case for Apple iPhone X/Xs


Printed iPhone X cases – for connoisseurs of style

Are also sad when you accidentally notice a small scratch on the case of a completely new smartphone, especially if it has not been several months since the purchase? Fortunately, this won't happen if you buy a high-quality cover immediately. It should not only be comfortable and practical, but also emphasize your image.

Electronics and accessories stores are at every turn, and finding an original phone case is not easy. You must be patient, spend a few hours searching. But don't despair. Browse the PrintSalon online store catalog. It's much simpler to order a great product at an affordable price here.

For the case to have a creative design, choose a caricature that you liked and place it on the model of the selected product, using the special application "Create your design". You can use cool pictures from the "Animals", "Sport", "Names" sections, etc. Do you want to try yourself as a cool designer? By using our functionality, it's easy to create a great print with your own hands!

What print to choose?

The smartphone is always in the field of view of friends, business partners and colleagues, so it should not only look solid, but also emphasize your image. Cases with original designs, bright colors and pictures will be a great addition to the new device. In addition, a well-chosen print can open up prospects for you in the future.

What illustration can become exclusive?

  1. If you run a business and try to find more customers or buyers, certainly use an advertising accessory - write your company's slogan on it. This can easily be done using a text editor that is directly on the site.
  2. Do you often meet with business partners? The image should duplicate your professional qualifications. Are you involved in the sale of household goods? Depict the equipment you work with.
  3. iPhone can motivate. If you are trying to get rid of bad habits, write on the device case: "Fit is not a destination: it's a way of life" or "Never give up" etc.

It's easy to print a family photo or kid's drawing on the silicone cover – it will be a great gift for mom or grandmother.

Optimal prices for an exclusive phone case

We can easily print any picture, photo, pattern on the accessory. You certainly won't find such a product on the market or, even worse, in the hands of a colleague. And most importantly: you do not overpay for the uniqueness of the goods. On the contrary, in the PrintSalon online store you can buy gifts and useful things, significantly saving money. The imaginary illustration can be easily placed on a mug, hoodie, pillow and even a backpack. A few things with identical prints look stylish, fashionable and rich. A pleasant bonus – buying wholesale allows you to get a great discount. You can place an order in any place in Poland.

All products are of impeccable quality. The silicone from which the cases are made impresses with its durability, does not break due to incorrect touching, and holds well on the phone. Does not cover the buttons and speakers. For printing we use only certified pigments that do not harm the health of even a child. Your kid will be able to safely play with the smartphone without scratching its cover.

A bright case for the iPhone X or Xs will help you create an impeccable reputation, emphasize yours advantages. PrintSalon makes it easy to achieve success!