Phone case for Apple iPhone XR


The perfect iPhone case for every day

The iPhone XR is more than just a cell phone. Everything Apple offers to its fans is made in the highest quality. First of all, it is a high standard gadget, not a simple device for making calls and connecting to the Internet. Many choose the brand, considering the good impression, impeccable design and excellent performance, great photos and clarity of sound in the speaker.

But the PrintSalon online store offers great accessories for it, without which it is impossible to ensure long-term operation of even a very high-quality device. In our opinion, the protective cover on the case should look no less dignified. This does not mean, however, that you should definitely buy something too expensive. The iPhone XR silicone case have their advantages. The most important thing is in the original pictures, which you can choose according to your own taste.

The company will print on silicone case using special equipment and UV inks. The entire printing process takes no more than 15 minutes. But the result is excellent. The product is inexpensive, and many customers prefer to place orders for several copies at once, to change them if necessary.

Which picture is usually chosen for the case?

Choosing an image to print is not an easy task. In addition, the PrintSalon online store contains a very large set of images from which one or more should be selected. If it's difficult to decide which pictures you want to present on the cover, here are some useful tips:

  • use the search directory for phone cases. All pictures in it are sorted by themes. Thanks to this you can immediately determine which themes you are not interested in and save time without browsing them;
  • think about whether you want to receive a simple print or something special. Pay attention that the image printed on silicone is bright, effective and looks so unusual that it will definitely catch the eye;
  • if you know what you would like to print, but you have not found a similar picture among the ready prints, use the application "Create your design". This is a convenient online form where you can create a sketch of the future print yourself, send a photo or inscription from your phone or computer. We will make an exclusive design according to your layout. And you won't find another such case in Poland or around the world.

Printing on protective covers is done using certified ecological inks, so when you buy an accessory, you do not have to worry about your health.

Protective cover with a print is a great souvenir

Products can become a great gift for family, friends or colleagues. If you think about what is interesting and close to each of them in advance, we will make appropriate souvenirs exactly to the date you set. A gift that combines a useful thing and attention to the personality of the individual for whom it is intended can be considered ideal and truly priceless.

The silicone case for iPhone XR with prints that you buy on our website will not only protect the cover of the device, but will also become a reflection of your interests, ideas and views on life. Make your smartphone a continuation of your personal style - use original silicone cases from PrintSalon.