Phone case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus


Original cases for iPhone 7 Plus - for those who are trendy

When choosing a phone case, pay attention not only to quality, but also to the design, so that it matches the style, harmonizes with the color palette of the clothes. Agree, the stylish iPhone 7 Plus in an unusual cover will immediately be in the field of view of others. But where to look for an accessory of excellent quality and with unusual prints?

If you think that in specialized ordinary stores, you will quickly be disappointed. There, it is only convenient to determine what type of cover you need: a folio case, slim case, holster case, bumper, sport, etc. But it is extremely difficult to choose a product with unique designs among typical products. There is a more calm and modern method of obtaining an exclusive product - visit the online store.

On the PrintSalon website pages, you can place an order for the original product within minutes! To do this, simply select the appropriate print in the catalog and transfer it to the application "Create your design".

Then, place the sketch on the layout and edit it a bit. If necessary, you can easily correct the color palette of the future print in the editor. There, you can complement the sketch with thematic objects, edit the background. You certainly won't find such a picture on the market.

PrintSalon - online store of your opportunities!

With the help of a protective cover for the case, you can complement your image, emphasize your hobby, advertise skills to find like-minded people or buyers. You can't even imagine what opportunities might arise if you choose the right picture for the case!

What to look for?

  • Motivational phrases. Is it hard for you to force yourself to do something? Using the editor function of the application "Create your design", add a few words: "You are your only limit" or "Be stronger than your excuses" etc. You can use the sayings of famous philosophers and thinkers.
  • Positive pictures. Caricatures improve the mood and invigorate. The base can be taken on the catalog pages, in the "Funny illustrations" section, and then completed with an inscription or clipart.
  • If you run your own business - you sew clothes, knit or make jewelry, take a picture of a copy and you will receive a case with this photo.
  • For business people, their company logo or slogan is suitable for printing.

Don't forget that an image will be able to tell you much more than you think. Buying original products with prints is now easy in every suburb. The main thing is to understand what you want and for what purpose.

Phone cases for stylish persons

You have already noticed that the price of products with an exclusive design on the PrintSalon website is quite affordable. The online store offers its customers a favorable offer: a discount is given to the second item with the same print. Promotions and sales are organized.

Each product is of good quality. The silicone cover is flexible and comfortable, it fits perfectly to the phone. The material is durable, thanks to which it perfectly protects the iPhone 7 Plus smartphone against mechanical damage. At the same time, the print on it lasts a very long time. We choose print inks very carefully. All paints are certified, they do not contain harmful substances that can trigger allergies. That is why on the site children's clothes with bright pictures are often ordered.

In the catalog you will find not only useful and necessary goods, but also great gifts for March 8, birthday, February 14. We offer clothes, backpacks, baseball caps and all kinds of accessories. Many Polish residents have become regular customers of PrintSalon.