Phone case for Apple iPhone 8 Plus


An unusual iPhone case at an affordable price

The PrintSalon store contains solid and useful items decorated with original prints for all occasions. For example, phone cases will be a great gift if you put on them a special photo or semantic image with the inscription.

There is comfortable functionality on the pages of the site, which allows customers to try out as a creative designer. Everyone will be able to create their own print. And you no longer need to walk around to find a special cover. Just make a cup of aromatic coffee, sit comfortably on a soft sofa and choose an interesting picture from the online store catalog. You will need not three hours but a few minutes to create a sketch and order the goods. The accessory purchased from us will not only appeal to you, but will have the content and color you have long dreamed of.

When placing an order for a product, don't hurry to leave the site. Perhaps you will be impressed by another product with a similar image. By the way, you will receive a set of several products at a promotional price. The more products you want to buy, the more significant the discount will be.

An exclusive product is a standard for PrintSalon

When buying a plastic case, we try to choose a more original one: with bright colors, clearly defined outlines, a beautiful composition. In production, PrintSalon uses modern equipment that transfers illustration to the selected product, in accordance with high standards and with an accuracy of 1mm. Buyer needs only to choose a picture, send it to the application "Create your design" and place it on the product layout.

Where to find the original picture?

  • Do you have favorite images on your smartphone? Use them as a print!
  • Draw a sketch and take a picture of it. It can simply be an image or a product that you created yourself.
  • Do you like motivational phrases? They can easily be written in a special text editor, deciding on the color of the characters and the layout of the lines.
  • Do you want to save time? Use ready-made photos from the store's catalog and complete them with clipart or inscriptions.

All elements of the image on the layout are combined with the cursor. You can swap them, adjust the size. High-quality printing of any complexity will be made on the product without defects.

To the online store for a good quality item

You think that the PrintSalon online store has too low prices and for that money we will not be able to offer high quality items? Do not doubt, products purchased from us will last a long time. The silicone covers adhere tightly to the stylish iPhone 8 Plus case, without covering the necessary buttons and speaker. They are very convenient to use - flexible, durable and reliable.

Particular attention is paid to printing inks: they are resistant to UV rays, do not wear off over time. The company uses only certified materials that do not contain substances harmful to health.

Now the original case with an exclusive print can be ordered anywhere in Poland. It will be useful as a practical gift. Or it will become a business card or a talisman!