Phone case for Samsung A5 2017

The case with original prints is a sought-after accessory for all smartphone users. PrintSalon carries out personal orders for the design of silicone covers that reliably protect the case of device from damage. Purchasing of such an amazing Samsung A5 2017 phone cover is now possible in every corner of Poland. Favorable price, convenient order form, fast delivery and unique product design are the most attractive advantages of the online store.


The best cases for Samsung with original prints

Samsung is one of the leading producers of technology and electronics in the world. The excellent quality and high performance of this brand's products are undeniable. Together with TVs and displays, Samsung phones quickly conquered the Polish market.
Released in 2017, Samsung Galaxy A5 is one of the most reliable and at the same time stylish smartphones, equipped with beautiful cameras and always on display function. The main features of this model are called the ultra-thin 3D glass and metal case as well as the Full HD display. It should be remembered that these advantages can simultaneously become the most sensitive place. Therefore, for long and reliable operation of the device, use protective accessories. First of all, you need to choose a case.
The PrintSalon online store offers many covers options for this model. Among such a variety you will find both popular and rare, and even unique options. For a wide audience we have the maximum selection of prints: from business to youth, designer or pop-art style.

Protective cases by PrintSalon: the main advantages

Our products are suitable for users who prefer quality at a reasonable price and pay attention to the originality of the model. They really can't be called boring or ordinary. The feature of these products is a nice print.
In the PrintSalon online store you can buy a silicone protective cover that perfectly matches the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 model. Perfectly protects the case against mechanical damage, dirt during active use and temperature changes. The case adheres tightly to the back cover, does not stretch, does not hinder with the work of cameras and speakers. It is flexible, compact, ideal for everyday use, has a long life, and at the same time is inexpensive.
Add the original picture and you will understand that such a case is a real decoration of a cool Samsung device.

How to make a high-quality print?

The company's specialists use a silicone case as the basis and print the image using UV method. It is a technology that ensures bright colors, a clear outline and quick drying of the ink. Given that we only use high-quality consumables and modern Japanese equipment, the finished result always meets expectations.
The most important question is about choosing the subject of the image. We recommend looking through the catalog where the prints are classified by section for this. Here are some of them:
  • various hobbies, sports, games, vehicles, competitions;
  • family and name;
  • funny inscriptions, humor, jokes;
  • countries and cities, patriotism;
  • animals, floristic, zodiac signs;
  • holiday gift options etc.
It is not necessary to browse the catalog if you know in advance what you would like to print. In this case, we recommend using the application "Create your design" on the page. Using the simple application interface, it's easy to upload your photos and make an inscription online. Then choose a color, specify the size, indicate the overall location of the image.
A few simple steps - and the exclusive print layout is ready. You just created a unique thing and we hope you enjoyed feeling like a real designer. You can read more about the conditions of the order, payment and shipping of goods in special sections on the site.
Choose a Samsung phone case in the PrintSalon store. We know how to serve the clients.