Phone case for Xiaomi Mi-6


The Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone needs your protection

The fact that from the whole range of options you have chosen for yourself the Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone characterizes you as a modern, reasonable, pragmatic person. You prefer quality, functionality at a reasonable price and you see no point in overpaying for advertising. So you understand that after buying it is equally important to think about protective accessories.

Buying a new device that is not planned, or expensive repairs in case of breakdown are problems that can be easily avoided if you bought a reliable phone cover beforehand. The choice of options is large. Sometimes so much that when you see information that needs to be processed, you feel discouraged in advance. Where can you find so much time to go shopping centers or read endless reviews on the Internet?

PrintSalon company - your assistant in choosing the phone case

Specialists from the PrintSalon store examined this problem and came to the conclusion that among the various forms and models, the most versatile option remains the classic one-sided case made of high quality silicone.

The silicone covers is the best combination of price, quality and functionalities:

  • protect against scratches, chips, cracks, impacts as a result of falling;
  • protect against entry of a negligible amount of moisture;
  • protect against smudging and dirt;
  • closely adhere to the case and sides, do not slip in your hands;
  • do not add extra volume to your smartphone.

PrintSalon presents options in black and transparent colors, decorated with an interesting print. You choose the subject of the picture yourself, and here there is space for creativity.

Advanced equipment allows almost 100% color reproduction. All materials are certified, environmentally friendly, do not cause allergies or other negative reactions.

How to choose the theme of the image?

Choosing a print will need spending time. There are a lot of them of course, but a convenient catalog and sorting by topic can significantly speed up the process. Note that you can always order several replaceable cases for different occasions. In addition, a special price applies to wholesale orders. Many choose a collection of phone covers for various costumes, accessories and occasions. Glossy case - for parties, print on the theme of the sea - for travel on holidays, model with company logo - for business events and a photo with a loved one - for a romantic mood.

There is no strict rule that the print should only be from the catalog of the online store. If you want, you can order a case with a picture according to your own taste. Go to the application "Create your design", upload a picture, add an inscription, choose the matching color and font size. And you will get a ready-made accessory that has no analogues and cannot have, because it is made according to your personal design. This service will not be offered in ordinary stores in Poland.

It is so easy to buy original silicone cases for Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone at PrintSalon that even a child can handle it. And the result will exceed all expectations!