Phone case for Xiaomi Mi8 Lite


The new look of the Xiaomi Mi8 Lite phone

Smartphone today is probably the most used thing in everyday life. We start the morning by checking email and end the evening by watching a movie or reading a blog. Throughout the day, the device is next to us, which is called "in sight". We use it on average up to 100 times a day.

After frequent contact, everything, even such a beautiful and unusual model as Xiaomi Mi8 Lite, quickly becomes worn and loses its attractiveness. However, there is a great solution: refresh the look of your smartphone using a new protective case with a unique photo. Such models can be selected at a very competitive price in the PrintSalon store.

Of course, the Internet contains many different offers of phone covers of different brands. But in our store you will save both money and time, thanks to which you will get a designer case of the highest quality. It is made of flexible silicone, adheres well to the case, and attracts the attention of other with eye-catching prints.

How to buy a phone case with your own print?

We present a large collection of various pictures for printing. Choose one or several options for yourself, as a gift, souvenir or simply to change on different occasions.

An image, applied to silicone covers using UV printing, will be bright and durable. You can use this printed accessory until you want to change it. Buyers can place an order without leaving home. Each sketch presented in the catalog is unique in its own way. Therefore, a case with such a design will be an original expression of personal moods and views.

If you want to "draw" something absolutely unique on your smartphone, come up with a print design yourself. Using the application "Create your design", it is not difficult to create a layout according to your idea. The simple interface allows:

  • upload an illustration or photo from your personal archive;
  • put an inscription, clipart, symbol on the layout;
  • choose the appropriate fonts;
  • experiment with color matching.

The many years of professional experience and modern equipment used by the company's designers create almost limitless possibilities. Place pictures of any style on the cases - from classics to pop art, family photos, your own name, an encrypted symbol or your favorite saying. As a result, you'll receive a special item that can only belong to you and nobody else.

Convenient service of the PrintSalon store

The website has been designed in such a way that a customer in any city in Poland (both large and small) can conveniently submit an application, make a payment and order delivery. When buying for a certain amount, the company bears the shipping costs. For wholesale customers, special prices for all types of goods begin to apply. Delivery time depends on the distance.

Regular customers place orders for clothes, utensils, backpacks and souvenirs in one order. Because the PrintSalon online store has a wide range of goods. And exclusive prints are a special feature of the product. You won't be disappointed with the quality of the product and the level of service.