Kids T-shirts

T-shirts with bright prints are children's favorite clothes. They are practical and original, it is convenient to do any work in them and, at the same time, to express themselves among their peers, whether they are boys or girls. The online store PrintSalon offers high-quality multi-colored children's t-shirts made from 100% cotton material. Pictures and inscriptions are applied by thermal transfer printing method using certified consumables, which provides not only high durability, but also complete safety of products for the child's body. A bright T-shirt with a print is a great way to highlight your child’s personality!


Kids T-shirts with prints for little fashion lovers

The child can absolutely indifferently treat the appearance in his wardrobe of another suit or jacket. A completely different reaction will trigger a new children's T-shirts with a bright and colorful print. You will immediately notice with what pride your baby will show off his new clothes to friends in the kindergarten or school, in the courtyard of the house or on the playground. And his happy smile will be a worthy reward for care. Do not even doubt that even the smallest have their favorites. Images of favorite heroes of animated series and computer games, pets, sports idols - these are the most popular drawings in this environment.

In addition to the original look, the children's T-shirts offered on the PrintSalon website have a number of advantages: they are made from natural materials, do not hinder movements during active games, they are easily washed and ironed. The affordable cost allows you to purchase them without much expense for the family budget. These products can be worn with other clothes - shorts, pants, caps. In the cool season, white children's T-shirts can be used as underwear, wear them under a T-shirts or dress.

Quality tested by time

You can get acquainted with the assortment offered on the site and order online or by phone decoration for one-color children's T-shirts. A special table will help you choose the right size for your baby. T-shirts of the Belgian company Stedman are sewn from natural fabrics. Their quality is checked by time and confirmed by positive feedback from our customers. The materials used in the imaging of images do not cause any harm to health. Clothing with prints does not lose its consumer characteristics, care of it is not complicated.

The most popular in the children's environment drawings and inscriptions are collected in the thematic sections of the site. Using the service «Custom design» you can order clothes with author's design. To do this, you should provide your sketches and photos and voice the wishes of our designers. And in the section «Create your design» make sure that the image size and its color are selected correctly. If necessary, you can make the necessary changes.

Delivery of goods by post throughout Poland

If you want to please your kid, having made him a pleasant surprise, we recommend that you buy printed products from PrintSalon at a bargain price. Unlike ready-to-wear shops and markets, we offer products with exclusive design.

Advantageous remote sale of children's T-shirts in all Polish cities became possible thanks to the network of post offices. There is an option of targeted delivery by courier. In this case, the parcel will be delivered directly to your home or office, after having agreed the time that is convenient for you. We guarantee the quality of the order and the observance of all consumer rights. If there are justified claims, the goods will be replaced or you will be returned money for it.

We recommend to closely monitor the shares of the online store PrintSalon. Promotional products will cost you much cheaper. In addition, the design of a collective application or purchase of a wholesale lot of our products also contributes to reducing the cost of the order. In the «Reviews» section, customers give our products high marks.

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