Travel mugs

Travel mugs are one of the popular types of dishes used to maintain the temperature of a drink. This is a kind of thermos with a handle, which is perfect for coffee or tea in the winter, and also for fresh or compote in the summer. The PrintSalon online store offers a variety of ideas for creating a unique mug design. The technology of modern thermal transfer printing allows to decorate products with multicolor prints of any complexity. A thermo mug with an original print can save not only the temperature of the drink, but also your time, and it can serve as a kind of business card and a great way to emphasize individuality.


A travel mug with a print will keep the temperature of the drink and improve the mood

The modern thermo mug is a mini thermos with a handle that not only maintains the temperature of drinks, but also acts as a cup or glass. In the cold season, such dishes are ideal for coffee or tea, as well as for broths. With such a practical accessory, you can not only warm up with a hot drink, but also saturate hunger. In the hot season, the thermal mug is also up to date - it is used to maintain the temperature of refreshing ice drinks.
Perhaps the first to appreciate all the advantages of such a travel accessory were car drivers, lovers of extreme sports and active forms of recreation. Gradually, the thermal mug with a pattern has become one of the most popular options for an inexpensive and practical gift. Witty inscriptions, themed images and even photos from family albums are used to print dishes. If you need to choose a gift for friends or relatives that will surprise, improve the mood, be actual and useful, then a thermo mug with an original print will be an ideal option in this case. The employees of the PrintSalon online store will fulfill any order of any complexity and ensure its fast delivery to any region of Poland.

The applied print will not hinder the care for thermal dishes

As a bases for using the image we use 395 ml travell mugs. They are made of high quality plastic and metal. The quality of the products will not cause any complaints. This is confirmed by the opinions of our customers and almost no complaints. Printing is done by sublimation. Under the influence of high temperature, the paint penetrates the surface layer of the product and reliably connects to it.
To ensure a lifetime of printed dishes, it is not recommended to wash them in a dishwasher and use aggressive "chemistry". If you follow these recommendations, you will enjoy an attractive appearance of a thermo mug with an inscription or pattern for a long time.
You can choose prints in the thematic sections of the site or create yourself using the application "Create your design".

Order processing and service quality are always at the top

PrintSalon specialists quickly and effectively fulfill orders of any size and complexity. Immediately after sale, finished products are sent to their recipients in any part of Poland. We guarantee compliance with all consumer rights. Products whose quality causes reasonable complaints will be exchanged or money will be refunded.To make shopping even more profitable, promotions are regularly organized on the website, and additional discounts are offered to wholesale customers. By subscribing to the newsletter, you will receive the latest information on new products, price reductions, as well as the terms of the promotion, etc.
Buy original travel mugs and other useful printed products in the PrintSalon online store - make yourself and your loved ones really necessary and unique gifts.