Mugs 450ml

Ceramic mugs decorated with thematic pictures with unusual inscriptions are an original gift for all occasions. Using the various types of printing, the PrintSalon online store creates unique and inimitable souvenirs. Here you can order a 450 ml mug with a unique print in a single copy or buy a whole set of products of different types. Modern methods of printing drawings provide their high strength and reliability for many years. High-quality ceramic dishes with a convenient handle and original decor come in handy at home and at work.


Advantages of mugs with increased volume

Many people start a new day with a cup of aromatic coffee or freshly brewed tea. And almost everyone in the kitchen has a favorite cup for these drinks. If you look closely, then ordinary kitchen utensils can tell a lot about its owner. Such information providers, regardless of our desire, have mugs with prints. The images presented to them characterize the person, his habits, hobbies and small weaknesses. After all, this item, with which the morning begins, is usually a gift from friends who know you very well or the result of your own choice.
We recommend buying cups with increased capacity, because with these sizes it is possible to use more detailed and bulky images. The selection of possible options for images for printing is greatly expanded. On the website of the PrintSalon store you can not only buy a ready cup for tea or coffee, but also order its decoration with prints of any complexity. Make it easy online from any part of Poland.

High quality prints

Large mugs have a volume of 450 ml. They are made of high quality ceramics, and thanks to their excellent thermal properties, they keep the beverage warm for a long time. Drawings and texts printed on them do not reduce the product's performance characteristics. Such dishes can be washed not only by hand, but also in the dishwasher. Design elements do not lose their attractive appearance for a very long service life. The color spectrum of the image does not change, the prints do not break. The size of the products allows the use of images on a larger scale, with more precise details and image saturation.
You can choose which images to print from the thematic collections presented on the website.

 In the «Custom design» section, you can create your print based on pictures and photos from your personal collection, and then get a product with own sketch on order.

Make a gift to yourself and your friends

Processing of production and delivery of the order takes place in the shortest possible time. The delivery is carried out to mail branches all over Poland. It is also possible to deliver a courier parcel to the address indicated with the consent of a convenient time to collect.
During the promotion, prices for goods from our range significantly decrease. And when registering for collective applications, you will also receive a wholesale discount. Make a gift for yourself and your friends - order large mugs with colorful prints on the website of the PrintSalon online store!