Two-toned mugs

A two-color mug is a piece of kitchen utensils that will be appropriate both at home and at work. The ceramic tableware presented on this page of the PrintSalon online store has a volume of 330 ml and a design made in two colors. Products differ in durability, and also, thanks to a special coloring and various prints, originality. Pictures and inscriptions are applied on products by sublimation - one of the most reliable types of printing to date. Printed mug will help bring a zest to the interior of the kitchen, and even emphasize your individuality in the working team!

  • Black and white Two-toned mugs
  • Red-white Two-toned mugs
  • Dark blue white Two-toned mugs
  • Blue white Two-toned mugs
  • Orange white Two-toned mugs
  • Light green white Two-toned mugs
  • Yellow white Two-toned mugs