Two-toned mugs

A two-color mug is a piece of kitchen utensils that will be appropriate both at home and at work. The ceramic tableware presented on this page of the PrintSalon online store has a volume of 330 ml and a design made in two colors. Products differ in durability, and also, thanks to a special coloring and various prints, originality. Pictures and inscriptions are applied on products by sublimation - one of the most reliable types of printing to date. Printed mug will help bring a zest to the interior of the kitchen, and even emphasize your individuality in the working team!

  • Black and white Two-toned mugs
  • Red-white Two-toned mugs
  • Dark blue white Two-toned mugs
  • Blue white Two-toned mugs
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Two-toned mug with a bright print - a great gift for any occasion

In addition to official holidays, each person has their own special dates. Another date of the family, the birthday of many friends and colleagues etc. And Christmas without a present is not a saint. If you do not have ideas for gifts, we recommend that you listen to our advice. At the PrintSalon online store you can place an order for a two-color mug. It has excellent thermal properties, keeps the beverage hot even better than metal cups. In addition, you can decorate his exclusive decoration.
Thanks to a properly selected print image you can emphasize your concern for a person, knowledge of his habits and hobbies. The printout can have a funny character, present a solanizer or his pet. The two-colored mug looks very original and at the same time it is inexpensive. The most important thing in this gift is attention. You can buy a gift cup online or by phone.

Two-toned mugs with exclusive print

The volume of a two-color cup is 330 ml. The site presents products in six colors: red, yellow, green, blue, blue and orange. In these colors, not only the inside of the product is painted, but also the handle. Two-colored cups are made of high quality ceramics. This material is ideal for sublimation printing. At the same time, the care of such dishes with prints is not complicated - it retains its attractive appearance for a long time, the image does not fade and it will not crack.
Photographs and inscriptions recommended by us for printing are divided into a thematic collection. This makes it easier to search for images on a subject that interests you.

This makes it easy to search for images on the subject you are interested in. In the section «Custom design» you can get any product with own print on order, including on mugs.

Guarantee of consumer rights

The finished product will be carefully packed and sent by post to any place in Poland. It is possible courier delivery, with the prior consent of the time of receipt.
The sale of any products from our catalog takes place with respect for all consumer rights. If you have any complaints about the quality of the product received, it will be replaced or you will receive a refund for it. Participation in promotions on the site, giving collective applications the purchase of a wholesale lot of our products - these are all realistic saving options. The rebates received will significantly lower prices for the purchase of original gifts from the PrintSalon online store.
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