Enamelled mugs

Enamelled mugs are practical, unbreakable dishes that can be useful both at home and in a hike or journey. The online store PrintSalon presents products in white with bright original pictures and inscriptions for every taste. Prints are applied on the professional equipment by sublimation printing method, which ensures accurate color reproduction and durability of images. Enamelled mug with a special image - the ability to emphasize your style and personality!


Enamelled mugs with prints

Enamelled metal mugs in our minds are primarily associated with ordinary kitchen implements. 

It turned out that thanks to the sublimation printing method, these products can be turned into a real work of art. Printing on enameled cups takes place in several stages. First, the image is applied to the paper, and then the pattern or label is pressed against the surface of the cup and exposed to high temperature influences. The paint penetrates into the top layer of the product and adheres to it securely. Such a cup does not lose its thermal properties and can be used for its intended purpose without any restrictions.
If you have not yet assessed what new opportunities open up to you in the selection of gifts for friends and acquaintances, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of such products and the list of services provided in the PrintSalon online store. On our site you can buy unusual enamel mugs with prints without intermediate packaging at producer prices. The design of products will depend only on your imagination. The order is made online and the goods are delivered to the buyer by post.

How to choose a picture for decorating a gift product

In our catalogs are presented hundreds of design options for metal mugs. To facilitate the search for pictures on the topic that interests you, all the images offered for printing are systematized and placed in sections with the names corresponding to their subject.

You can choose for one of the products decorated with our picture, as well as get an enameled mug with own picture or inscription on order. In the «Create your design» section, you can easily correct it to your liking. Images on the enamelled mugs is quite inexpensive, and the cost of purchasing original gift items will be small.

An «indestructible» mug made of metal, with enamelled coating and a funny pictures on a fishing or hunting theme, can be presented to lovers of active forms of recreation. For representatives of the older generation, you can choose an inscription reflecting their family status: «The best grandfather», «Super-grandmother», etc.

We do our best to maximize the convenience of customers

Sending goods takes place to all parts of Poland. There are several ways to pay for purchases, so every customer can choose what is the most convenient option for him.
On the basis of practical and economic considerations, it is beneficial to purchase several products at the same time. You can submit a collective application. To do this, you need to find among friends and acquaintances who are willing to buy printed products and combine orders. Due to the wholesale discount received, the transport costs and the price of enameled printed cup will decrease significantly. The rest of the participants of collective orders will also reduce the costs of purchasing essential household items. We are waiting for your order!